A New Look for FPS (Logo & Slogan)

Please share your input by July 23rd!

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Share your thoughts!

Please read below for the backstory and details around the pursuit for a new FPS logo. At the bottom of this Smore, there is a link to a Google Form asking for your logo and slogan preferences.

There are two logos to choose from and there are three slogan options. The deadline to submit feedback is next Friday, July 23, 2021.

The google form is a simple way to share your preferences, but if you wish to send additional thoughts, ask questions, or explain your reasoning further, please send an email to communications@framingham.k12.ma.us.

Left to right, image shows the original town seal, the FPS version of the town seal, and the new city seal.

Left to right, image shows the original town seal, the FPS version of the town seal, and the new city seal.


For many years, Framingham Public Schools has been visually represented by a modified version of the Town Seal. Now that the Town Seal has been replaced by a new City Seal, FPS needs a new visual identity.

While it is possible for FPS to utilize the new City Seal in a similar fashion (adding Framingham Public Schools to the outer edge), the District is seeking a unique visual identity including a logo, defined colors, and fonts so that all marketing, recruitment, and district material can have a consistent look and feel.

In the new city seal, the historical elements include a braided straw symbolic of Framingham’s prominence in the straw bonnet and hat industry in the 1800’s; wheel with train tracks as spokes representing the importance of transportation; May Hall which is part of Framingham State University’s campus and represents Framingham’s educational history; and the different milestone years in the town / city’s history.

While the School District honors and appreciates Framingham’s history, a unique visual identity was sought to reflect the District’s mission, vision, and core values while serving all or any of the following purposes:

  • tie to education and our commitment to supporting the social-emotional health and wellbeing of our students;

  • inspire and encourage passion and experience with extracurricular activities like arts and athletics;

  • reflect the variety of programs and pathways to the future;

  • showcases Framingham Public Schools’ dedication to creating an environment that’s welcoming and accepting of all students, and celebrates each student’s uniqueness and in Framingham, that especially includes appreciating our diversity.


In addition to the logo, FPS is pursuing a brand style guide to encourage proper use of the new logo and to help create a set of visual standards moving forward. The logo would be used for the following purposes:

  • Offices / Department representation
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Recruitment Material
  • Welcome Center
  • Printed Collateral including Calendars, Newcomer Guides, Kindergarten Booklets, etc.
  • Vehicle Decals
  • and more!


Here are the top 5 reasons the District has accelerated this effort:

  1. The current District ‘logo’ which utilizes the old town seal is being phased out and needs to be replaced - ideally with something that is unique and community-supported.
  2. For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the District is opening a new Welcome Center. The Framingham Public Schools Parent Information Center (PIC) is shifting from a one-time registration experience to a community hub where families can access a range of support services from our many school and community partners. This expansion presents a need for banners, directional signage, printed collateral, and posters to help guide and welcome FPS families.
  3. The District plans to launch an updated website before school starts for the 21-22 school year. An updated logo, color palette, and fonts will guide the process, resulting in a modernized website with improved accessibility. Updated school websites will follow.
  4. Woodrow Wilson Elementary School has been renamed Harmony Grove Elementary School and while there won’t be a unique logo immediately to represent the new name, we can utilize the District logo font to help guide an interim branding effort over the summer in advance of the start of the 21-22 school year.
  5. Human Resources and the Office of Equity need new, refreshed recruitment material to attract teachers and staff at different events. This is long overdue and would be used throughout the year.

We want to elevate community voice! Please let us know your preferred logo and slogan by July 23rd using the google form linked below!


There are two logo concepts for your review. Below you will find the narrative followed by the associated concept.


  • This concept offers an abstract and semi-futuristic 'FPS' built into one mark. (see inspiration below)
  • Harmonious and different colors represent diversity.
  • The blank space in the mark is representative of an F.
  • The blank space also reflects pathways offered to students; that our students come here from various places; that many of our families commute to work in different places; and lastly, that people come to Framingham from larger cities for diversity, education, and a sense of community. Additionally, this concept with its T map inspiration offers a historical tie-in to transportation which has always been an element of the Town, now City Seal. (see inspiration below)
Big picture


  • This version and its circular shape were inspired by the spoke and wheel / train tracks from the Framingham City Seal.
  • Utilizing the wheel shape and incorporating several 'F's, this represents Framingham being a school district on the move.
  • Being 'on the move' offers a connection to our progressive, forward-thinking, and innovative approach to education and all that we offer our students and families.
  • Harmonious and different colors represent diversity.
  • The dot in the middle represents each individual student surrounded by a safe, inclusive environment.
Big picture
Big picture


  • Concept 1 was presented during the June 23rd School Committee Meeting, along with another concept that was eliminated for this round of input. If you want to see the original concepts or the discussion that accompanied the first public presentation of this project, you can watch the previously recorded meeting on the Government Channel: SC Presentation (40:55 - ~1:17:00).
  • The new FPS Logo and Branding will not affect the Framingham High School Logo which is currently widely used on uniforms, scoreboards, or other FHS Arts / Athletics collateral.


Big picture


The District is gathering community input on both the logo concepts and the slogan options. Please complete the Google Form linked below to provide your input! It will only take a couple minutes and will help shape the visual future of Framingham Public Schools for decades to come!
Complete the Google Form!

Clicking this link opens a trilingual google form for community members to share their preferred logo and slogan.

Looking to share more feedback?

The google form is a simple way to share your preferences, but if you wish to send additional thoughts, ask questions, or explain your reasoning further, please send an email to communications@framingham.k12.ma.us.

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