Trapperboy Clothing

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Our Story

Our brand had it humble begining in the mind of the people who have endured and survived the concrete jungles of the urban metropolitan cities from the streets of New York to the streets of Los Angeles. These people have long been plagiarized and exploited in many forms of media from movies to hip hop from the seventies blacksploitation films till present day. Many of those stories depicted as negative. This brand was designed as a different form of expression,as a means to express the daily struggles and triumphs of this very same people. The term "trap" symbolizes that proverbial "hamster wheel" that many of us have ran on and continue to run on, to keep our head above water. Any hustle or grind that helps sustain the basic necessities of life can be termed a "trap". One persons trap may be his or her office job. Another's can be that of a school bus driver,And another's can be the blocks,and corners in any ghetto. Out of this necessity,this line was created to represent them...The TRAPPERBOY. These items of clothing depict many subjects,many of which will be deemed as controversial,however they can be no more controversial than the people who have never been a part of this culture,who continue to capitalize from it without sending the proper message to our youth, as to what happens as a result of this lifestyle. If you really about that life support the movement.


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