the war of 1812

the NOT wanted war


In this war neither side wanted its enemy to trade with the united states.Both France and Great Britain Threatened to attack american ships and take their cargo.Great Britain also blockaded French ports to the united states could not ship goods to and from France.

a little later...

In 1809,James Madison became president he tried to keep the nation neutral . however, a group of congressmen called the war hocks in favor of great Britain. Henry clay from south Carolina was a leader of this group most of the war hawks lived in the west and the south.


The americanwarship USS constatution defeated a british warship.Another important navel victory was fought on lake erie , wich is one of the great lakes. oliver hazard perry commanded american ships in a battle that lasted several hours.

battles and wives

the British hd battled americans and after the battle there was a wife who made a song called The star spangled banner FACT:tis song was for praise


Andrew Jackson led a war and they fought hard the british suffered more than 2,000 casualaties through the war already over,the victory at new Orleanes made andrew jaction a national hero.his soldiers gave him the name old hickory because they thought he was as tough as hicory wood.

the return of peace

the treaty of ghent wich ended war of simply returened things to peace.