Cyber bulling and Social Media

By:Callie and Jahliah

How does social media make cyber bulling easy?

Social media is such a big think and has changes so much over the years. There have been so many suicides because of social media which is sad. It is so easy to go on social media and go comment mean and hurtful things on peoples pages. It is easy because you are not saying the hurtful things to their face, you are on your phone, laptop or computer just typing.
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think before you hit send!

Some people think that cyber bulling someone online is cool and funny, but get a reality check its not funny its just really hurtful. Imagine you being the person being bullied be called fat,ugly and no one likes you, imagine people saying these things to you. It wont be all that fun and cool will it.
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What to do if you see cyber bulling and what to do?

If you see someone being cyber bulled or any type of bulling, you need to talk to someone, like a parent teacher or principal. Cyber bulling or any type of bulling is not cool, you should to report it right when you see it, and do not start engage making fun of the person being bullied and don't start saying mean things about the bully.
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