Do we love the ones were dating?

ask Desirèe

Hello, my name is Catherine. im having trouble with my relationship. See i met this wonderful man named Heathcliff, but there's also this man named Edgar. There both such very nice men except one is rich and one is poor. See edgar ( the rich ) is such a well raised man you see, he meets all my standards. As well as Heathcliff but he doesnt really meet my needs. I love both but i just cant decide who i really want, can you help me Desirèe?

Hello Catherine, we'll to me, whether the man is rich or not you should love them for who they truly are and not there money. Personality is key to a good relationship. I'm not saying who to choose because that's your choice. They both seem like such gentlemen but its whoever you feel you want to spend the rest of your life with and whoever makes you happy at the end of the day. Rich or not, you always love the person for who they really are because to be honest that rich man was once poor. What if you take the rich man and he becomes poor? What if that poor man becomes rich? Then your going to want to breakup with the rich now poor man and go for the poor now rich guy. Life doesn't work like that. Love us hard, we all go through things we shouldn't but at the end of the day its your life your choice. You do whatever makes you happy and you won't regret. Hope I can help :)

Hello, my name is Edgar. I have met this wonderful woman named Catherine. Shes so beautiful and sweet but im hearing she's seeing this other man Heathcliff. Now i dont know who he is or why shes talking to both of us but im not sure what to do can you help?

Hello Edgar. Well I'm very happy you found someone special but if that's the case you have to talk Catherine and have that straighten out. You never want any drama to happen. Love is love, if a woman is single she feels she's free to talk to whoever she wants therefore let her be " free " if she truly likes you, she will stop talking to Heathcliff and eventually end up with you. Now I don't want to get your hopes high and say that will happen but finding out the truth is better then not talking about it and just letting it happen.

My relationship is so confusing, i find both these men so wonderful but ones white and ones well black. I dont know who to choose, people are saying mean things about me dating a different race. Can you help me? Catherine

Hello Catherine, well relationships tend to be a rollercoaster. There are good days and there are bad days. If you want to date a different race go ahead. Never let anyone's opinion get in the way of YOUR happiness or lifelife. You choose whoever you liked to be with and spend the rest of your life with. You can't always let what people say bring you down. It may bother them its a different race, but if you set a good example and show there's nothing wrong with dating someone who's not the same color or race as you, there going to look up to you Catherine and think and say " Hey I was wrong about what I said ". You make the choice just make sure its what YOU want nobody else.