KCS GT Update

March 2021 Volume 10

Greetings! Welcome Spring Time!

Spring officially began on March 20th, and with buds on the trees and lighter evenings comes a new spirit of optimism. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth, poets have always been inspired by the season of new beginnings. Let’s celebrate the season of new beginnings with this beautiful spring poem.


By Billy Collins

If ever there were a spring day so perfect,
so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze

that it made you want to throw
open all the windows in the house

and unlatch the door to the canary's cage,
indeed, rip the little door from its jamb,

a day when the cool brick paths
and the garden bursting with peonies

seemed so etched in sunlight
that you felt like taking

a hammer to the glass paperweight
on the living room end table,

releasing the inhabitants
from their snow-covered cottage

so they could walk out,
holding hands and squinting

into this larger dome of blue and white,
well, today is just that kind of day.

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What's Happening in GT?

We have some great thinking and problem-solving going on in our GT classes. Check out what we have been getting into.

3rd Grade dug into what is perseverance. Perseverance is the act of continuing to pursue something in spite of facing setbacks or failures. Eventually, perseverance can lead to achievements, which are a direct result of hard work and the desire to continue to push until you have reached it. We used our abstract thinking around this word and connected it to some concrete thinking. Perseverance could be represented as a mountain and a medal because it can be challenging to climb a mountain and you will face some setbacks along the way, but in the end, you achieved your goal by making it to the top.

4th Grade was learning about the importance of note-taking and the research behind the benefits of taking well-organized notes. We practiced taking notes with learning four strategies on interpreting remainders. We learned when to use the Round It, Drop It, Share It, and Use It strategy and why. It was great to see students pull out their notes to help them complete the next activity where they had to solve a division problem and then explain which strategy was used and why.

5th Grade was getting to look at some creative thinking and learn about it. Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests NEW solutions. We need creative thinkers in our world. We practiced using our creative thinking as well as learn about some innovators who utilized creative thinking such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Elizabeth Marie, James West, and Nancy Johnson.

Does this sound like your child?

Think about the following: the absent-minded professor, the child who can solve complex math problems at a young age but can't seem to remember where he put his shoes, the student who scores at the 99th percentile on standardized tests, but can't remember what time school starts, or the child who reads constantly and has a college-level vocabulary but always forgets the books he needs for his homework! Being gifted does not always equate to being organized. If this sounds like your gifted child, check out this article to learn how you can support them to take ownership of their organizational skills!

Life Hacks

For Kids:

Check out this video. Expert life hacker Sunny is back and this time she's taking your room from drab to fab! Find out how to add some color, creatively store your things, and even make your room smell great! Sunny has all the bedroom hacks you'll need right here.

For Adults:

Check out this article. Life as an adult can be tricky, and we’ll pretty much embrace anything that makes it easier. Here are a few low-key genius hacks that will solve those everyday problems you didn’t even know had solutions.

KCS GT Department

The KCS Gifted and Talented department strives to create a SAFE environment for each other, our teachers, students, schools and parents where we value Support, Advocacy, Flexibility, and Empathy.

As instructional coaches, we will meet each teacher where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in service delivery and instructional practice in order for every teacher to feel confident in providing challenging and engaging instruction requiring students to persevere through complex tasks.

As gifted practitioners, we will meet each student where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in student efficacy in order for every student to feel confident in participating in complex tasks, advocating for themselves, and utilizing a growth mindset.

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