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Making Changes

For all those who don't know, I have created the group, "Future Military" in hopes that it would help those of us who want to join the military, but for in some fashion or another are currently unable to. The reasons range from age to weight, with a number of others between. The goal of the group on the various sites where its been created has been to pull us together as we each strive towards making the goals of enlisting in the military. We are our own platoon of brothers and sisters whose camaraderie and perseverance will allow us to achieve the dreams that many doubt of us.

I've created this newsletter as another tool to keep us all on track. I don't expect many people to actually read this, but if you do, thank you. This newsletter is all about achieving the dream, and trying to reach for it. If you have any comments, suggestions, or a story please send an email to futuremilitarygroup@gmail.com You may see your story or comment published!


Couch to 5k Program

These are abundant on the internet, and after some trial and error I believe I came up with a real C25k program.

My program focuses primarily on prepping the body in the first 4 weeks, with no set date to finish, as you are expected to complete this when you are ready and capable. I know it sounds lazy, but I can't expect someone who never has run to suddenly be able to just start running for any length of time. This is for you who are at stage -2. That's where you try, fail, try again, fail again and lose hope. You can do this!

Each "phase" is 1 week worth of training, but you only move on when you can complete the challenge at the end of that phase. If you feel that you can skip a few phases and move on up, go ahead, and if you can't move up after the phase is finished, just repeat it for the next week. Choose 4-5 days to commit to this plan, with rest days between work days. Avoid rest days back to back.

Phase Zero
Walk 1 mile or 30 mins, whichever is longer. If this is too much for you break it down further (1/2 mile or 15 minutes) and just repeat this phase until you complete it

Challenge: Walk 1.25 miles constant

Phase One

Walk: 1.5 miles

Challenge: Complete 2 miles

Phase Two (This may be the first phase for some of you)

Walk 5 minutes, Run 1 minute (repeat 4-5 times)

Challenge: Run for 1 1/2 minutes

Phase Three

Walk 5 minutes, run for 1 1/2 minutes (repeat 4-5 times)

Challenge: Run for 2 minutes

Phase Four

Walk 4 minutes, run for 2 minutes (repeat 4-5 times)

Challenge: Run for 2.5 minutes

Good luck, and I'll post the next phases on the next newsletter