Technology Update

November Edition

Chrome App Launcher

Until recently, Google users accessed services, such as Drive and Sites, with the black navigation bar found at the top of the page. In order to accommodate the increasing number of services offered by Google, users will now find them within the Chrome App Launcher. This new feature is similar to the Windows Start Menu.

To access the Chrome App Launcher, sign in to your Google account, as usual. If you are already signed in, go to to see the launcher. Click on the grid icon and a pop-up window will appear. Click on the Google service that you would like to access. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Elementary Tech Time

The following after school, county-wide sessions will take place at Technology Services in Monroe from 3:00-5:00.

November 12th - Integrating Technology with Netbooks

Learn successful strategies for managing the Netbooks in your classroom.

November 21st - Notebooking with Netbooks

Support student investigations in Science and Social Studies.

Andrea Savill

Instructional Technology Facilitator