Friday Focus 10-9-15

Learning for Life

This week in the classroom...

I was excited to carve out some time this week to visit numerous classrooms. It was great to see the great things going on with learning in the building. I was thrilled to see many assignments and activities that were high relevance and high critical thinking (quadrant D on the rigor/relevance framework).

Daniel Bayless had small groups 'teaching' the rest of the class about early American authors in American Literature. They had to plan the lesson and carry it out. There was collaboration, communication, and creativity involved. They were even competing against another group to see who had the best lesson on their respective author.

Ashley DeVore's students were creating a pregnancy diet plan in child development. They were using Prezi or Powtoon to present their plan. It required student to understand good nutrition needed for expectant mothers.

Roger Robinson developed a project related to WWI. Students were collaborating through Google Docs to research a theme of WWI. The different parts will be compiled in a book that addresses several major themes of the war. Students were highly engaged in nonfiction writing and summarizing.

Brad Roweton's geography students were learning about the Jim Jones tragedy. It was a way to connect to South America and specifically Guyana. Students were asked to do some research on the events and that led to quality class discussion.

Audra VanHooser's English II students were writing essays connecting to the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird. She was modeling writing the essay herself on the smartboard as students worked on their first drafts.

There were several other classes I visited and good things were happening in each one.

As Ron and I visit classrooms, we are doing our best to follow-up with a personal conversation in addition to an email. I was able to do that with most of the visits this past week. I really enjoyed the conversations.

SLO Process

I sent you the SLO template on Google Classroom. You will need to submit your plan by the end of the month. You don't have to submit any data at this point. If you have questions or need some support, Andy or Teresa are available to help. Betty and Morgan have also been working on this process.

Open House

Tuesday, Oct 20 5:00-8:00PM

Wednesday, Oct 21 5:00-7:00PM

I sent a form to log the other two hours of parent communication. It needs to reflect activity during the window of Oct 9-31.

Cyber Safety

We will have the make-up assembly for 9th/10th graders on Monday, Oct 12 from 10:30-11:30 in the auditorium. No Liberator Time.

Quarter Grades due Tuesday, October 13th

Please submit your grades by noon on Tuesday.

Late Start

We will meet as a whole faculty Wednesday morning at 7:30AM in the library. We will hear from students who are our Ambassadors of Character, formerly know as Friends of Rachel. And then the science department will lead learning related to digital tools. It's part of our plan to continue to grow and learn new ways to incorporate technology for learning.
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