Привет! Hello!

From chilly Ukraine...brrr!

From Home to Home

Yep, Ukraine feels again like home, but I don't want to forget that it is those I love that make me feel at Home. I have been now in Ukraine for five months! I can't believe it. What I thought would be two months, maybe three, has turned in to much. Don't know what I was thinking when I thought I would just come for a bit and then go back and forh. So, God's ways are not our ways...and I'm receiving what He has for me.

With that, I wanted to share with you about what I'm doing, what upcoming plans are, etc... Hope you enjoy! Love and miss you all. Renee'
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Surprise, surprise...

Before I announce to anyone, I wanted you all to know that last week the unexpected happened...I got temporary residency status in Ukraine. (This is a picture of my little mug shot...looks pretty Soviet, doesn't it?!) Well, of course I did things to help that happen, but if you'd have told me a year ago that I would be sitting here in October 2015, with a document in hand, I wouldn't have believed you.

What does that mean? It simply means that I have permission to be here for a year before I need to renew. Years ago they used to have multiple-entry 3-year visas, now you can only stay 90 days out of 180 without a visa. To continue working here, I needed to make it a bit more official. I am now on the books too, not just a guest.

My plans?...I am continue to work to get the Trauma Healing (TH) program from the American Bible Society established here in Ukraine. I am still living in the city where I used to before, but I have also gone to the capitol of Kyiv twice to meet people who are working with people who have experienced loss or trauma. We are hoping that in mid-2016 we can have a training session here. Right now, I am the only trained to lead these kinds of healing groups in the Russian language. (I have also been working on the translation since late June...working in spurts...and testing it out, adapting it to the culture and to the circumstances.) After that, my plans are to continue to invest myself in other peoples' lives, to find healing, come closer to God, and live a full life, no matter the circumstances. Important for all of us, isn't it?!

Coming home? Because I really had no plans for this (I initially only had plans to be here for two months), I will be coming home sometime this winter/early spring for a few months, to take care of the finances I need, get the things I need to return, attend some important events, and then head back here to keep working. It has been great to be back here, to be honest. I feel very much at home. People are excited I'm here again too. I am opening up new thinking and opportunities for them with this program. So glad to be doing it.

Right now I'm looking at being back in the States in late January and then plan to be back sometime in May. I will let you know for sure when I know.

Getting ready to head off to Indonesia in a couple of weeks to join Sis there for here "Life: As Sweet as Cupcakes" retreat. I will get to do two art components there. It will be fun working alongside Karen and being back in her world again. Now, we will work on her coming to mine. :-) ...and you all too.

I know I need to be calling more. Will do my best. Take good care of yourselves. Skype here is easy too.

Again...love you!

The people in my life in Ukraine...

....and the places.

How to contact me

I know I'm always off galavanting around, but here's how you can get in touch with me. I even hear that the postal system is better, so I can receive letters and packages here too (hint...hint. :-)