PBIS October Data

Celebrate our Great Success!!!

Compliments Chart Winner first Quarter

Congratulations to Mrs. Fischer's 1st grade class with 109 compliments the first quarter. Way to Be Longhorns

Multi Year data 2011-2013 and October2013 Data

Referrals per day per month

As you can see we have a huge drop of referrals from October last year at 1.3 per day down to 0.3 per day in the month of October. Woot, Woot!!!

Referrals by Location

Celebrate another success. The data above is based on end of year data but as you can see we are on pace to be below for classroom referrals (49 last year) we are averaging one a month at this point of the year. Bus referrals have made a dramatic drop from 31 the first year to 3 at this point a year. We are averaging one bus referral a month. GREAT JOB TO YOU AND OUR BUS DRIVERS!!

Classroom management Tricks of the Trade Videos

Found some great short quick videos I will show you monthly.

Video 1- Redirection

Video 2- Greeting Studens with questioning

Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Redirection
Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Handshake Q&A