New Year, New Start, New You

5 Days of "Stella & Dot Joy" Team Challenge

Day Three

WOW! Looks like we know a ton of potentially awesome stylists!! How fun to think of sharing the opportunity with all those amazing women. Stay tuned to our team page for some fun ways to effectively share S&D with them!

One thing I love about getting together with stylists at meetings, Hoopla and Director's Retreat is the sharing of tips, ideas and style among our peers. I usually learn more from another stylist (whether she's been active for 1 day or 4 years) than I do from any training video I watch. It's so nice to hear about actions that have WORKED for others and it inspires me to do more, work harder and try something new. Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already figured out the best way to do something? There's also joy in sharing a tip you know will help others succeed. It's one of the easiest give and takes out there! We all have something to offer that might help others with their business. You need not to be a super star stylist to have something to offer to others- whether you just sell online or you shoot for 8 shows a month- I know you've got some little nugget of wisdom to share!


Think about one tip, idea or action you have that is REALLY GOOD and share on the thread on our team FB page. It could be on any (but not limited to) of the following topics: booking, time management, building a team, motivation, inspiration, online shows, styling, trunk show logistics, sampling, business management, jumpstart, new stylist training, promoting, goal setting, coaching a team, etc. Anything that you think is worth sharing with the team and has helped you move your business/life forward.
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LacocoDots Team

Katy Barnes, Director and Stylist