Chromium(III) Sulfate Mole

By Nick Blandin

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Molar Mass: 392.16g/mol


Chromium(III) Sulfate the most widely used chemical compound for tanning leather. The mole I made is made out of cloth that has a leather color to represent the leather that Chromium(III) Sulfate is used to tan. Also there are shiny silver pins used to hold the outside pieces together to represent the chrome color of the chromium.

Physical Characteristics

-Melting Point: 100 degrees C



Chemical Properties

-Turns green when heated

-Insoluble in water

Interesting Fact

Chromium(III) Sulfate is very hazardous and toxic and has been close to getting banned in the United States many times. However, it is still used to tan leather regardless of its terrible effects on the environment. Also, being around it too much can lead to cancer and other fatal diseases.