Hunter Kreitmeyer

Estuary Biome

Food Web

This food web has plankton as the producer. It gives its energy to 4 different other species which are the primary consumers: animal plankton, sea mussel, freshwater mollusk, and the shrimp. The one that eats the primary consumers are the secondary consumers. This includes the: Salmon, the small fish, crab, etc.


There is one decomposer in this food web and it is the worm because it helps the earth by decomposing dead animals giving the soil it's needed nutrients. There also is two tertiary consumers in this food chain: the blue heron, and the sea otter. The reason why they are tertiary consumers is because they eat a secondary consumer.

Symbiotic Relationships

Negative Ways Humans Have Impacted This Biome


A major way humans affected this biome is polluting the place with trash. Polluting the biome kills fish which unbalances the entire estuary food web.

The role some organisms play

The plankton helps everybody out because it is the main source of all the consumers energy. The otter makes sure no organisms become overpopulated and the worm keeps the biome clean.