Raspberry Pi 2

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Raspberry Pi 2 is a cheap computer, the size of a credit card. It was developed in a response to a lack of computer-literate young people... and to make computing more widespread - in classrooms, homes and the 3rd world. And then the hobbyists got hold of it... It's the perfect machine for making projects. Cheap, portable, robust, connects to real world objects.

With a Raspberry Pi you can do many things!

1: A general purpose computer - install an office package and printer.
2: A media center - Raspberry Pi + Raspbmc = BBCiPlayer
3: Learn to program - From paper - To Pi - Published
4: Learn Electronics - Get an add-on board such as PiFace to experiment with electronics safely.
5: Take photos - or add a webcam and make a security system.
7: Network storage.
8: Retro games console.
9: Weather station.
10-1001: etc, etc. The Raspberry Pi opens the door to almost infinite possibilities

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It's tiny, cheap, tough and portable

What are you going to do with it?

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