Silver (Ag)

Gannen Hank 4


Physical properties- soft, white, most malleable metal

Chemical properties- does not react with oxygen, reacts slowly with sulfur, can develop silver sulfide

Found in- seawater, most popular in Mexico, Peru, the United States, Canada, Poland, Chile, and Australia

Uses- in America mostly coins and artwork

Compounds- silver chloride, silver bromide, or silver iodide

Not very reactive

Isotopes- silver-107 and silver-109

Safety- mildly toxic, can have long term affects



Silver is a great resource to make jewelry out of for many reasons. One reason is the color. Silver has a shiny rare color to it that can be good for good looking jewelry. Also over years the color of silver does not change that much so it will last a while.

Another reason to use Silver is because of its many uses. Silver can be used for coins, necklace's, bracelets and other jewelry related items. But it can also be mixed with gold making an alloy with gold to make gold last longer and become stronger.

Lastly, because it is easy to work with. Silver is the most ductile and most malleable metal there is. Ductile meaning it can be drawn out into thin wires. Malleable meaning it can be hammered into thin sheets.