Battle of Plataea

The End of the Persian Wars

King Xerxes

My name is king Xerxes. King of the Persians. The Greeks killed my father and they will pay. And I'm losing this battle in Plataea and it sucks! I guess I will just have to watch for a while. Hey, can someone get me my coffee? I'm really tired of watching this. I need to conquer Greece, now!!! GET ME MY COFFEE!!

Persian Army

OMG's. We are, like, totally losing right now. I mean, why do we have to keep fighting? I mean, King Xerxes is just sitting there, and yelling at us because he doesn't have his coffee. So dumb, like, right? But, we have to, like, conquer Greece or whatever. It's not a big deal that Xerxes lost his father. I mean, he needs to totally stop holding that big grudge. It's sooooooooo dumb. Man, I guess we just have to keep fight—oh, I just got, like, impaled!

Some of the Persian Soldiers

This is a close battle. Will the Greeks, or the Persians?


We gotta fight this battle, man. Europe won't gain any independence if we don't fight. Come on, guys. We need the Athenians to fight with us. This will be the final battle we will have to fight against these invaders. THIS... IS... SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ow, my throat hurts from yelling. Ow. Can I have some water or something? Okay, never mind. My throat is cleared. Let's go get these Persian invaders!!


This is it, guys. We will win the battle. We gotta do this. For Europe. These Persian invaders can't conquer all the world. We have to fight with these Spartan allies. And we will keep our religion and democracy. Athens will be its own country. We will not let the Persians get to us. *walks up to Xerxes and kills him* WE DID IT!!! WE WON THE BATTLE!! GREECE WILL NOT BACK DOWN!! WE WIN!!!