Merry Christmas

from Craig and Melissa

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Dear friends and family:

We wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy start to 2016!

Life here in Barrie is great. We are all healthy and happy!

Craig is working as a project manager with the City of Barrie and I am enjoying my 2nd year as the teacher-librarian resource teacher for 101 schools.

Alix and Cydney are both in their 3rd year at York University and we are heading off on a Christmas trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai. We thought this was a great way to celebrate the girls turning 20 and we are all looking forward to the experience!

We have also had many travels in 2015- many were on our bucket list.

We started the year with an amazing trip around Cape Horn in December, New York City with the girls in February, Costa Rica & Panama in March and New Orleans in April! We stayed home this summer to enjoy our backyard and adopt our newest family member.

Farley, our 10 year old King Charles Spaniel, has had his world rocked with the addition of another King Charles pup named Penny. She is 6 months old and she thinks her big brother is the best. He is much more active and he seems to enjoy Penny's affectionate nature. Farley has been teaching her all of his good habits so we love our pair of lap dogs, especially on cool nights!

We hope you make time for rest and relaxation with family and friends during the holiday season. Have a very Happy Holiday!


Craig, Melissa

Alix, Cydney

Farley & Penny