Goshen Center School

Regional School District No. 6

Community Letter - July 31, 2017

Dear Region 6 Community,

A happy last day of July to everyone.

It has been a busy month as the district has welcomed Mr. Sabin Loveland as the new principal of WAMOGO. All three of the elementary roofing projects started and are on schedule for completion in mid August. Our district facility crews have been working non-stop getting classrooms ready for the first day of school. Meanwhile, planning and implementation work with all school leaders have been full speed forward.

As my first month in the district comes to an end , I have been reflective of the many kind greetings received from our three communities. I have also thought back to a simpler time when appointments were not necessary to see a person. I recalled being a child going to see a doctor, long before minute clinics or urgent care, and how you could just have an office visit. Therefore, I wanted to try something to increase communication and celebrate our shared vision of community.

Starting this school year on Friday mornings, I am pleased to announce a return to basics and an open door. Every Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon my office will have a walk in policy. Anyone can visit, at any point, with any idea, or issue, and can have a meeting up to 20 minutes. No appointments (or reservations) will be needed or taken. It is a guaranteed time to find me, have a cup of coffee, discussion, or just share a way we can continue to grow and develop as a district.

Again, I thank everyone for a great welcome and look forward to our important work in educating all of our children.

Best wishes,