by: Edmond and James

Economy- by: Edmond

Economic System: Nepalese Rupee

Literacy Rate: 57.4%

GDP Per Capita: 694.10 USD

Imports: Gold

Exports: Wheat

Culture- by: Edmond

Holidays: Teej and Christmas

Traditions: Badhai

Food: Lamb sekuwa

Language: Nepali, Others

Religions: Hinduism, Buddhishm, and Tatrism

Schools: Home school

Sports: Elephant soccer, soccer, and volleyball

Place to Visit- by: Edmond

I picked this place because, it has great views.

You should go there in the spring because, there are a lot of pretty flowers.

Physical Features:jameskeller

1:Where is Nepal located.

2:which contries border Nepal

3:What was the year of independence for Nepal

Climate:jam s Keller

1:spring last from March to May and Ian warm with Roth rain showers, and tempera tires around 22c. Summer,from June to August,is the monsoon season when the hills turn lush and green

Government:James Keller

Type:This entry give the basic from of government.Dinitions of the major governmental are as follows.

Role of citizens:Tetra tech creates practical,sustainable and environ mentall yres possible solutions to address the word schist complex challenges.