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Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Dorothy's Kindergarten Class

Our first Academic Teacher Parent Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our first APTT Meeting. I hoped that you walked away with a better idea of the academic expectations in kindergarten and specific ways to help your child at home. Our goal is to have our students use 4-5 complete sentences to describe an object/place/event/feeling.

If you could not make it to our first meeting, I will be holding another meeting this Friday at 5:00. I will be contacting you to confirm your reservations.

Ways to help your student at home with descriptors

Select a Place, Activity, Item or Feeling to Describe

  • Places
  1. Think of a book that you’ve read to them, where does it take place
  2. Places they’ve been or would like to go to
  • Activities
  1. Any activity they’ve participated in (school, sports, church)
  • Items/Objects
  1. Play “I Spy”
  2. Select real objects at home to describe (toy, clothing, housewares)
  • Feelings and Why
  1. How did you (or someone else) feel about that?

You Model the Behavior and Vocabulary

1) You select an item/place/event to describe

2) Brainstorm with your child words to use when describing

3) You describe the item using complete sentences

4) Be sure to use 5-6 sentences

5) Have your child select an item/place/event and have them describe it.

6) Encourage your child, support them when they say “I don’t know anymore”

7) Make a game of it “Can you guess what I have/ a place I am thinking of/ what happened?”

8) Take 5-10 minutes every day to practice describing.

9) Use complete sentences

10) Be specific. Don’t use words “It, This, That, and Thing

11) Use the 5 senses

-touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell

Sight will be the biggie

-Shape, Color, Size, Height

Meet Some of our Classmates

How Can you make a donation toward our iPad?

You can either click on the above site and donate through the site or you can send the money to school. I will make sure that it gets to our account. ANY amount will be helpful. We are 1/2 way there! Please consider helping us out.

What's going on in class?

ELA Assessments: We finished our first complete set of ELA assessments on Friday. These assessments included: A Sight Word Spelling Test, A Phonics Spelling Test, A Sound Test, A Sentence Dictation Test, and A Reading Test. We will have all of these test every Friday. You will get the test results on Tuesday of the following week. Please look for them in the agenda.

Sight Word Super Stars: Sight Word Super Stars were awarded to students who able to read 10 sight words fluently. Students will be awarded a Super Star for each group of 10 sight words read fluently. They will be able to earn 10 Super Stars this year.

Career Week: We had a very busy week listening to the Community Helpers that visited our classroom this week. Please be sure to look at the pictures below. These pictures would be great prompts for practicing our APTT Describing skill with your student!

Math Assessments: We also finished our first complete set of math assessments on Friday. I assessed your child's ability to identify 3D shapes, positional words, composing larger shapes with smaller shapes and comparing shapes (an APTT skill). See Golden Apples for results.

Scholastic Book Orders: Due this Friday. If you need a new flyer, just let me know.

Science This week we will start our new unit on Living and Non-living

Homework this week. . . . . . . . . September 15-19

  • Letter Recognition: J, P, Q, W, U, B, H, Y, S, K, T, X, F, D, I, A, M, E, L, O, G, C, N
  • Sight Words: go, and, come
  • Letter of the Week: Tt


  • Continue shapes, introduction to 2D shapes
  • Numbers 11-19

APTT Skill

  • Describing

What's going on at Ruth Hill

Book Fair - All week

Jam X Begins, Stevie B's Spirit Night - Tuesday, Sept. 16th

Title 1 Meeting - Thursday, Sept. 18th @ 6:30

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples

ELA Assessments:

Perfect Score/Spelling Test: Samantha, Derrius, Nevaeh

Sight Word Super Stars: Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Janyiah, Esperonza, Nevaeh, Hunter, Michael, Destiny, Erica

Math Assessments:

Perfect Score Positional Words: Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Matthew, Michael, Destiny

Composing Larger Shapes from Smaller Shapes: Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Bryan, Janiyah, Esperanza, Nevaeh, Hunter, Matthew, Michael, Erica

Celebrating Our Class in Pictures

Our students who earned their first Sight Word Super Star!
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A Visit from our Community Helpers

Mrs. Millie, a Cake Decorator - the students decorated their cupcakes and then enjoyed them.
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Big image

A Visit from the Police and K-9

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Big image

A Visit from Nurse Becky, Samantha's Mother

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Big image
Big image
Big image

H is for Hat

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