The Round Goby

Invasive specie in Canada


Researchers believe the fish were brought to North America in 1990 in the St. Clair river North America in the ballast water of ships from Europe.


The Round Goby is a small bottom dewelling fish that can that can reach 10 inches long. They are also invasive species. They are known for stealing bait from fishing line.


The kids and baby's feed on insects and other organisms. Adults feed on zebra and quagga mussels.


Native to the black and caspian seas in Eastern Europe now found in North America since 1990.


In North America since 1990.


Round Goby have reduced populations of sport fish by eating there eggs and young competing for food sources

Impact of round Goby

The Round Goby aggressive habitats and rapid spread have had serious impacts on native species.

What makes The Round Goby a invasive species

The Round Goby Have destroyed and dispuited aquatic comminuties across the nation. The entry of anther foreign invader to the Great Lakes environment is a unwelcome add addition to the plethora of other problems including habitat destruction,overfishing,pollution, and loss of native species.

More about The Round Goby

The Round Goby Was accidentally introduced to North America Great Lakes by way of ballast water transfer in cargo ships. The Round Goby Is consiterd an invasive with significant ecological and economic impact. As of 2010, the westernmost site of the Round Goby occurrence in Europe is the the Lower River Scheldt. In 2011, the expansion of the round goby through the fresh waters of France stared : this specie occurred in the Rhine River.

Potential for control

Once a invasive species becomes a wildspread and abundant as The Round Goby has become in the Great Lakes no possibility of complete eradication exists. The Round Goby has become premeant fixture in the Great Lakes food web, but researchers have taken some preliminary steps towards control measures appropriate for localized populations.
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