Chemistry Lab Safety

By Jing Liu


Element: JingLiu

Atomic Mass: 105

Symbol: Jl

Discoverers: Mimi Zhang and Yang Liu

Occurrence: highly concentrated in colder areas.

Extremely low quantities in hot areas.

Physical Properties

Surface properties:

Boils when its higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Melts if its over 150 degrees

Can cause really bad sickness if inhaled

Sad when getting a bad grade at school

Happy when spending time with the people I love

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when people take my things

If you buy me starbucks, I might not explode that easily

Be Careful, I'm Dangerous ;)

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by homework

Is attracted to food

May explode spontaneously when keep in heat for too long

Requires copious amounts of food and quiet.

Is inert if tired.

Will repel to sushi

Is impervious cold