By: Addie Stratton

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Basic Information

  • There is a population of 30,513,848.
  • The capital is Kuala Lumpur.
  • Their languages are, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Thai.
  • They have a federal constitutional monarchy for government.
  • Their leader is Chief of State, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong
  • Map to the right.
  • Flag above.


Exports/Imports & GPD per Capita

Malaysia's exports include palm oil, rubber, cocoa, rice, timber, petroleum, natural gas, & electronics. Their imports are mostly Manufactured goods that they can not make them self's. Malaysia's GPD is $26,600 per Capita.

Land Quality & Other Information

Malaysia's land quality is poor due to Tropical storms that cause plant nutrients the are harmful for the soil into the soil. There is one tiny area of fertile soil that most food is grown on. The unemployment rate is 2.7%. 3.8% of people are in poverty. They are $213.9 billion.


What They Wear, Traditional Food, & Holidays

Malaysian people dress much like people in the western hemisphere, they wear their traditional clothing on special days. There is lots of traditional food and you can find them at vendors in Malaysia. Malaysia national holidays are:
  • Jan 1- New years
  • Jan 14-Yang Di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan's Birthday
  • Jan 17-Sultan of Kedah's Birthday
  • Jan 24-Jan 25-Thiapusam
  • Feb 1- Fedral Teratoriy Day
  • Feb 8-Feb 9-Chinese new year
  • March 4-Anniversary of Installation of Sultan of Terengganu
  • March 23-Sultan of Johor's Birthday
  • March 25- Easter
  • April 15-Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City
  • April 26-Sultan of Terengganu's Birthday
  • May 1-Labour day
  • May 5-Israk & Mikraj
  • May 7-Hari Hol Pahang
  • May 17-Raja Perlis' Birthday
  • May 21-Wesak day
  • May 30-May 31-Harvest festable
  • Jun 1-Jun 2-Hari Gawai
  • Jun 4- Agong's birthday
  • Jun 6-Awal Ramadan
  • Jun 22-Nuzul Al-Quran
  • Jul 6-Jul 7-Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • Jul 7-Georgetown World Heritage City Day
  • Jul 9-Penang Governor's Birthday
  • Jul 22-Sarawak's Independencefrom British Colonisation
  • Aug 31- National day/Merdeka day
  • Sep 10-Sarawak Governor's Birthday
  • Sep 12-Sep 13-Hari Raya Haji
  • Sep 16-Malaysia Day
  • Oct 1-Sabah Governor's Birthday
  • Oct 2- Awal Muharram
  • Oct 14-Melaka Governor's Birthday
  • Oct 24-Sultan of Pahang's Birthday
  • Oct 29-Deepavail
  • Nov 6-Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar
  • Nov 11-Nov12-Sultan of Kelantan's Birthday
  • Nov 27-Sultan of Perak's Birthday
  • Dec 11-Sultan of Selangor's Birthday
  • Dec 12-Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
  • Dec 25- Christmas


Malaysia's school system works much like our own, they have preschool, primary, secondary,post-secondary, and tertiary. It is obtained through public, privet, or home school. Primary is required. The average school length is 13 years. The literacy rate is 94.6%. The collage ratio is 2 boys: 1 girl. Girls have equal schooling opportunity.


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