ES Facilities Newsletter

December 2015

From the Director's Desk...

ES Facilities Employees,

The year is rapidly coming to a close and I am happy to report we are on target to meet or exceed all of our financial commitments for the year. We experienced a record setting winter and over $1M of snow removal expenditures above plan. We managed to offset those expenditures with favorability in labor and lease expenses during the year. We also made significant progress with our Facility Optimization objective by closing the sale on the Cuba Hill property in Greenlawn, NY and are in the process of implementing a consolidation plan which will get us out of buildings 4 & 5 in 2016. We also managed to move the Controls and Avionics business in Fort Wayne Indiana from 2000 Taylor Street to the brand new facility at 4250 Airport Expressway. We are also working to integrate the Eclipse business in Richardson, Texas and the many GEOInt Business area locations across the United States. Lastly, I am pleased to report that our ES sector safety performance has improved dramatically over what we experienced in 2014, resulting in many fewer injuries experienced by our employees. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with our performance or prouder of our team…

As we conclude another successful year, please accept my deepest appreciation for your part in enabling the success of ES Facilities, our customers and the Electronic Systems sector. During this holiday season, I hope everyone is able to take some time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. I'd like to add a special thank you to the many employees I know will be working over the holiday break to help us meet our commitments to our customers. We have another very challenging year ahead of us in 2016 and I am confident that this team will rise to the challenge and make it another successful one.

Happy Holidays, Don

Back Safety

Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Knowing Your Back

  • Your spine consists of 24 interlocking bones with flexible joints called vertebrae.
  • Shock absorbing discs lie in between each pair of vertebrae.
  • A healthy spine is arranged in three natural curves that form an S-shape.
  • These natural curves keep your body balanced and support you when you move.
  • The curves also distribute your weight evenly throughout your spine, making back injuries less likely.

Preventing Back Pain

You can prevent some forms of back pain by strengthening your back with exercises, practicing good posture and avoiding standing or sitting for extended periods of time.

  • Lift objects safely - always lift from a squatting position, using your hips and your legs to do the heavy work.
  • Hold objects close to minimize their weight

Practice good body mechanics

  • Good body mechanics can help minimize the stress on your spine
  • Be aware of how you move whenever you move
  • Utilize any lifting equipment or devices, if available

  • If lifting by hand, ensure you have a good grip and avoid twisting with the trunk

  • Plan your lift and ensure that path is free from obstacles

  • Ask for help if needed

Facilities Spotlight: Meet Alana Routhier!

A few weeks ago, I was selected to run the 2016 Boston Marathon as a part of Team Tufts-Medical Center to benefit Tufts Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. I am truly honored to have been chosen to represent Tufts Hospital and am eager to start training with the team. The Boston Marathon will be my first marathon and I couldn’t be more excited! Over the past few years I have run many 5K’s, two half marathons and this past July also ran the 2015 Run to Home Base with fellow BAE employees. I absolutely love to run and found my love for running when I was in college. Running became a way for me to reflect as well as a way for me to challenge myself. I love the feeling of setting a goal and putting in the hard work needed to accomplish it.

April 18th 2016, will be the 120th running of the Boston Marathon, making it the world’s oldest annual marathon. The course begins in Hopkinton and continues through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton and Brookline, finally finishing the 26.2 miles on Boylston Street in Boston. As a runner, my biggest dream has always been to run in the Boston Marathon and it is even more special now that I have been given the opportunity to run for Team Tufts. I have a niece that is almost two years old and receives her medical care from Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. She has Epilepsy and very intense special needs and to say she is my inspiration is an understatement. Not only will I be running Boston for myself, I will also be running for her.

One of my favorite quotes about running has always been this: “Running is so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles; you might feel like you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought” -Arthur Blank. I’ve met so many wonderful runners along my journey and I can’t wait to line up with the estimated 30,000 runners at the start line of the Boston Marathon. Even though we will all have the same goal of crossing the finish line, it is so motivating and inspirational to know that every runner will also be running for their own personal achievements and dreams.

** For anyone who does not know Alana: Alana is a Facilities Services and Material Coordinator for PTP Plant Engineering (she also process orders for the GNY facility). November marked her one year anniversary! She facilitates the orders for building and maintenance materials/services, that are initiated for Plant Engineering to meet the facility's need. This past year she has also had the opportunity to support several of the other NH facilities as well.

Warm Wishes to our Co-workers Retiring!!

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UCT Initiatives at the NHQ Facility

ES Facilities Sustainability initiatives are alive and well at the NHQ facility. Since 2011, NHQ Plant Engineering has assembled a team of tradespeople and more recently ES Facilities Sustainability personnel that meet biweekly to discuss and implement energy savings ideas for production and infrastructure equipment. This UCT team utilizes a running spreadsheet that lists all of their energy savings ideas that are tracked in their various stages of implementation. The spreadsheet also tracks each item by utility or energy source that is utilized for that particular energy user. These utility types are tracked and calculated once the energy savings idea has been implemented. New ideas are continuously brought to the team, they are added to the running spreadsheet, and are tracked for future execution. As with any savings opportunity there are never a shortage of ideas just the time to implement them. Engaging the ES Facilities Sustainability Team brings more ideas to fruition and has assisted the NHQ staff with the needed mechanism to have the energy savings measures properly recorded and identify whether the measure qualifies for utility rebate. Saving energy at the facility level requires all levels of the team to be “all in”. Facility Managers, supervisors, tradespeople, and the Sustainability Team are all stakeholders in the process and are all driven to achieve this strategic goal.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY with Tesla Powerwall by Elon Musk (summary)