Through the Years

All about Africa

The year of Quizzes this week: Colonization

1.Why did Europeans first take an interest in Africa?

2.Who started the transatlantic trade?

3.What was the middle passage?

4.what was one reason that Europeans took an interest in Africa after the slave trade ended?

5.What is colonization?

6.What two European countries were not colonized by Europe?

7.Why did Europe take an interest in African slaves?

8. What is the Berlin Conference?

9. What is Imperialism?

10. What countries were involved in the transatlantic slave trade?



1.Slave trade


3.The journey from Africa to America that slave took

4.Colonization and Imperialism

5.Taking over another nation with force

6.Liberia and Ethiopia

7. They were immune to most diseases and were used to the climate

8.A conference to end all confusion about Africa

9.Empire building

10.eroupe, the America's, and Africa

A Timeline of Aparthied

Down below is just a brief outline of what happened, I will explain further into what happens.

basically it starts in 1948, When the Afrikaner party was elected into office and started to separate people by race.

Then in 1950 Marriage laws were set to where you could not marry people of another race.

In 1958 prime Minister,Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd would soon refine the apartheid policy.

And next comes tragedy, In the black township of Sharpesville, the police opened fire on a group of unarmed blacks associated with the Pan-African Congress

In 1961, nelson Mandela is captured and thrown in jail

From1973-1976, the UN Security Council voted to impose a mandatory embargo on the sale of arms to South Africa.

In 1985, the United Kingdom and United States imposed economic sanctions on the country.

and then in 1990, Nelson Mandela is freed from prison and is elected president

And finally in 1994, Apartheid ends.

More timelines soon

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This a brief copy of 21st centry issues in afria from our newspaper

Newspaper Article through the Years

As you might know, Africa has been facing many issues over the many years, but I want to focus on the 21st century issues they face a lot today. Africa faces the problem of HIV/AIDS. This is a disease that kills many. This disease is also known as immunodeficiency virus, and this disease interferes with the bodies ability to fight infections. Another issue that Africa experiences too much is famine. Famine is an extreme scarcity or lack of food. This happens all over Africa today. With that being said poverty also does not help their situation. Africa experiences poverty everyday. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor and insufficient amount of money and quality needs. Poverty can lead to disease and less food for people, everything they face connects to each other in some way. These are only some of the issues Africa faces today.

Independace in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

Below is a graph about poverty rate, death rate, and birth rate. Nigeria has the highest poverty and birth rate, i believe these are connected because with more children come more poverty. Kenya has the lowest death rate and a lower poverty rate, i think this is because their birth rate is lower than some. And finally, South Africa has the lowest birth and poverty rate between the three countries. This is linked because the less children the better the poverty rate.
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