Monday Memo

Sept. 15, 2014

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Sept. 15 11:00 504 Meeting for WK

12:15 ARD for SD Brandon, Ivans, Gibson

3:40 Math Department Meeting

Sept. 16 8:15 504 Meeting for SL

11:00 504 Meeting for LM

Sept. 17 PLC

9:45 ARD for JF Simmons, Ivans, Steigleder

10:45 ARD for MN Moye, Puckett

3 week reports go home

Fundraiser $ due

Sept. 18 2:15 504 Meeting for AL

3:40 ELAR Department Meeting

Sept. 19 12:00 504 Meeting for MW

2:15 Homecoming Pep Rally

Sept. 22 BD Dianna Robinson

8:15 504 Meeting for CM

9:45 ARD for JB Simmons, Steigleder, Fedde

11:00 504 Meeting for KP

12:15 ARD for AR Swafford, Ivans, Gibson

3:40 Science Dept. Meeting PLC Room

3:40 SS Dept. Meeting Library

Sept. 23 8:15 504 Meeting for TG

3:40 SST Meeting

Sept. 24 3:40 Staff Meeting

Sept. 25 10:45 ARD for BW Trice, Ivans

2:15 504 Meeting for EC

3:40 Staff Meeting

Sept. 26 3:40 Baby Shower for Dan Ruiz

Sept. 29 8:15 504 Meeting for GM

2:15 504 Meeting for KH

Sept. 30 BD Bergara

Oct. 1 PLC

3 Week Reports go home

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Garden happenings.....

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Prayers and Praises

Betsy Hicks is doing well. The doctors think they got all the cancer, so she won't have to do any chemo or radiation.

Carolyn Jonas' mother fell on Friday. She had to go to the hospital by ambulance. Thankfully, nothing was broken. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Kathy Watson's mother-in-law passed away last week. Please keep their family in your prayers!

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Pulling in tests...

If you need a refresher on pulling tests into AWARE, send me an email. I can be available on Tuesday and Wednesday after school to help.
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Positive contacts...

Please make sure you are sending home positive communication to parents. Document them in AWARE. :)
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Teacher Self-Reports

Due now!
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Front duty....

Make sure we have one person out by the curb on morning duty. Mr. Reed will draft students to hold open the exterior door.