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military backpack

Use a Military Compass to Get Yourself Out of a Military Style Adventure Backpacking Situation

Don't get lost in the woods. Instead take the proper precautions with a trusty device that has been used for centuries. Soldiers have used them forever, and they have saved many a wayward life. In many ways military compasses are similar to any old Boy Scout compass that you'd bother to buy and your local five and dime. Now those kind are fairly commonplace nowadays. But do you really need the military version of the compass? Well that depends on you. Let me try to appeal to the warrior within you. Your out and about in the woods. Maybe trouble has happened. Maybe you are lost. Do you know how to use your compass?

The procedure is tricky, but it can be mastered. Hopefully you have a trail map and you're able to find a smooth surface to lay it out in. Rotate the map so that the map's north arrow is pointing in the same direction as the 'true north' as depicted on your compass. Now what is tricky at this point is trying to determine exactly where you are. More than likely, you probably have some idea. Take note of where you want to be, or where you started from. Also take note of how long you have been walking hence far, and in what general direction.

If you walk in the opposite direction from where you think you currently are, and you follow a consistent path, then you should reach one of the monuments that fall within a line perpendicular to your current position. Once you locate a monument on this perpendicular, pinpoint your position and, using the map's scale, compute how many miles you will have to walk in order to get home. Know more about : best military backpack.