AHUMC Choir Notes

August 27, 2013

Good to Be Ringing Again!!

It is good to be together again, making music, laughing and even a little dancing!!! So good to have Ashley with us. Thank you for welcoming her so warmly. Good to have Diana back yesterday as well. You all are a fun, talented and delightful group. I am grateful for our time together and look forward to being with you in two weeks. Have a good Labor Day.

Additions to Notes
The prayer and celebrations sections will begin to include information about people in the Joy Singers, Chancel Ringers and Sanctuary Choir. I think that it is good for us to see the needs of our broader community.

Love you all,
Ruth Ann

Fall Ringing Dates

Sunday, October 20th - Sacred Sounds 4:00pm

Sunday, November 17th - All Three Worship Services

Sunday, December 8th - All Three Worship Services

Below: Tryptych: Hearts Journey by Quinn
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For those who mourn: Prissy and family in the death of her father in July; Frances and family in the death of her father in July; Lori's son and daughter-in-law in the loss of the baby in July.
For those fighting cancer: Molly P., Erwin M. (Glenda), Gary G., Roger L., Ann L., Virlie's cousin, Chris D., Alix (Cynthia's sister), Keith R. (Billie), Linda Tucker (surgery 8/12)
For encouragement: David R., Carolyn J., Elizabeth N., Gary Bethke (Jane Ann), Ashley Roper and her family
For new college freshmen: Ben Parmer, Matthieu St. Romain, Miranda Dunn (MItzi's granddaughter), Travis Wert, Harley Jones.
Travel Mercies: Molly P - on a cruise, Trish Peele - in England

Below: Psalm 5, Hallelujah Morning by Virginia Wieringa

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Happy Birthday - Nancy Higuchi. (29th) - grateful for her gentle and caring heart, hope she gets her voice back soon!! Billie Rollins (September 1) - grateful for her amazing faithfulness to our choirs - Yes...she is in three choirs at our church!!!

Tom and Carolyn Spurgeon's daughter, Jennifer, was married earlier this month.

Grateful for all who teach and guide our children. We are grateful for the educators and counselors in our choir. Also grateful for Sunday School teachers.

Chancel Ringers have a new member. Welcome Ashley Person!!

If you haven't met our newest singers, Patsy, Laura and Jim, please introduce yourself to them. We are grateful for their presence.

On the Light Side

Burt had a problem with oversleeping and was always late for work. His boss threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Burt went to his doctor, who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed.
Burt slept incredibly well; in fact, he woke up before the alarm went off. He had a leisurely breakfast and a pleasant ride to work.
"Boss," he said, "that pill my doctor prescribed actually worked!"
"That's great," said the boss, "but where were you yesterday?"

A reporter interviewed a 103-year-old woman.
"What is the best thing about being 103?" the report asked.
She simply replied, "No peer pressure."

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Christ Goes Before

The art above is Psalm 2, Blessed are Those by Lisa Doezema-Shulist. I am not a visual artist, but, I can get 'lost' looking at art. First, there is the amazement that anyone could 'see' something where there is nothing, that thoughts and emotions would be translated into colors and images, not words, and then, the meticulous nature - even the smallest piece of color or shape is important and makes a difference to the whole. So many correlations there, don't you think - to music (of course, everything relates to music!!)? To poetry? To a choir? To the church? To the Body of Christ? To nature? There is no waste or insignificance. Every color, shape, note, voice, bell, word, rhythm - has a place...a significance. In Doezema-Shulist' piece, there are many pieces, shapes, patches of color, that make up the whole. Even the cross is made up of pieces. And the glow around the cross...pieces. And then there is the question, at this time in my life, which side of the cross am I drawn to? Do I find myself behind it, following? Am I in front, kneeling, remembering my brokenness, the world's brokenness? Am I drawn to the blue section, needing to retreat, rest? Am I drawn to the vibrancy of the red? Do I resonate with those pieces of darkness? I hope that you will allow yourself to 'waste' some time with this piece. You are worth that.
I am including the text for our anthem Sunday, Christ Goes Before. It is by Jaroslav Vajda, an America hymnist of Slovak descent. He was from a line of Lutheran pastors and was himself a pastor. He died in 2008 at the age of 89. Just as the art above evokes questions, Vajda asks many deep questions of his 'singers'. He does not give us answers, but invites us to see our life, our journey, our place, our path, in the light of Love, Peace and Joy.
Thank you, Lord, for questions
- that open us to 'see' differently
- for those who give us the gift of good questions
- for the freedom and space you give us struggle with questions.
And, thank you, Lord, when our questions find us, unexpectedly and delightfully, in Your Presence.

Christ goes before, and we are called to follow, and all who follow find the Way, the Truth, the Life.
Where is that Way we near despaired of finding: the way that comes from God and leads to God, the realm where God is love and love is King, a whole new order for a world astray?
Who wants to live where there's no love like this?
Is this the Kingdom we are ready for and desperate to find?

Where is that Truth we near despaired of knowing: the truth that comes from God and leads to God, the power to set us free, the power to change, that faces Pilate and the cross and wins? Who wants to live where there's no peace like this?
Is the Power we are ready for and desperate to know?

Where is the Life we near despaired of having: the life that comes from God and leads to God, the hope and glory only Christ can give, that shatters death and grief with Easter joy?
Who wants to live where there's no joy like this?
Is this the Glory we are ready for and desparate to have?
Christ goes before....
Jaroslav Vajda (1919-2008)