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Google Tip #1: Google Presentations & Smartboards

Can I use a Google Presentation and then write on it using all Smartboard tools?

The answer to this is twofold.

1. Yes, to a certain extent. If you don’t mind erasing your markings before advancing to the next slide AND not having the ability to save your markings, then the following quick, one-click fix will work perfectly.

Here’s how to do it:

When presenting, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the “Present” button and choose “Present in new window.” This command appears ONLY when in the Chrome browser. See the picture below entitled “Present in New Window.”

2. However, if you want the ability to save your markings and/or to share them with your students later, then you will have to complete a few more steps. This process may sound complicated, but is not much more than simply enabling editing. The entire procedure should only take a few minutes.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take your Google Presentation and download it as a .pptx or PowerPoint. (You may use any browser to download.)

  • Next, you must enable editing or else the Smart Ink starts acting crazy. Without enabling editing, the Smart ink will not be able to distinguish the difference between your finger trying to advance a slide and the Smart pen writing on the slide. That’s why enabling editing is super important to this process.

  • To enable editing, look for the initial yellow bar midway up the page that pops up when you first open a downloaded document. It will have a button on on the right side of the bar that says “Enable Editing.” (Note: The button will disappear after a small window of time, so please make sure you click the button before it disappears. If the yellow bar leaves before you enabling editing, you will have to reopen the downloaded presentation.) The simple explanation is that enabling editing disables Smart Ink and enables Microsoft Ink, a much more stable tool.

  • Finally, save your .ppxt edits after the mark-ups have been made. Then save as your presentation as a .pdf. Upload your .pdf to Google Drive where it can be put in shared Google folder for students.

If you have any other tech questions you would like myself or the IT staff to delve into or you need further clarification, please let us know. We are eager to help!