Colony Project By: York Pimiento.

Questions 1-12

1.The colony of "VIRGINIA" was founded in the year of 1607 and became a royal colony by the year of 1624.

2. It was founded by "John Smith, Christopher Newport.

3. and was the very First colony to be founded.

4. The colony was Founded because they wanted to find gold.

5. The Major industry's in Virginia were "farming. It produced tobacco, wheat, much more. "

6. The Colony of Virginia was named after "Queen Elizabeth" because she was the VIRGIN Queen.

7. The people that founded the colony of Virginia Inhabited from "London"

8. Some Unique aspects of the colony were, "it was a royal colony, that provided wealth to England in the form of tobacco and cash crops"

9. Some things that they introduced to America was "By bringing self-government to america"

10. Some interesting events in this colony, " An English man named Henry Hudson also a navigator explores the colony of Virginia" this was important because this man needed to search the area to see where they can build this colony.

11. Some well known people associated with Virginia were" John Smith, and Christopher Newport, they were the founder of the colony with the help of the London Company.

12. Religions in the colony of Virginia. Virginians worshiped "The Anglican Church (Church of England) this impacted their political structure by Christians precipitating a struggle for religious freedom parallel to and often reciprocal with the wider struggle for political independence.

A little Detailed.

The colony Of Virginia was the first colony to be founded in 1607, and it was founded by John Smith and Christopher Newport. the colony was very successful at growing and farming. their main growing(s) were Tobacco and crops. The people of the colony were very religious and this created a struggle for political independence. The colony became a royal colony in the year 1624.

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This Is My Colony Project of the Colony and now State of Virginia

This is the colony of Virginia.

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