China's First and Biggest Philosophy By: Emma-Brooke Alley


Imagine you are living in Ancient China during Han Dynasty. You and your parents talk about this new philosophy over dinner. They mention how this politician created a new philosophy based on love, kindness, and respect. Will this philosophy change your life forever?
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Here is an image of Confucius. This was the smartest man in all of the history of China. He created the biggest philosophy that China has ever seen, Confucianism. He grew up to be a politician, musician, and a philosopher. But, his greatest achievement was his fantastic philosophy.

The Life of Confucius

A very wise man named Confucius was born in 551 B.C. As he grew up, he saw how China was overrun with rude and dishonest people. So, Confucius grew up to be a government official, musician, and philosopher. Confucius created his own philosophy to teach kindness, love, and respect. He called this philosophy, Confucianism. Confucianism became China's biggest and only philosophy. He became the greatest influential teacher in China's history.

The Teachings of Confucianism

The teachings of Confucianism taught many moral values of respect. Confucius taught that each person should act with virtue in all of the social classes: family, community, state, and kingdom. Confucius had very strict ideas of how people should behave to develop moral character. The main goal of Confucianism was learning to be human. Many people these days thin that Confucianism is a religion, but it is a philosophy.One of his teachings taught how the father is the ruler of the house and family while the wife serves him. His teachings and moral values were written down by his students in a book called the Analects. Every single one of his teachings and sayings are in this book.

Dynasties and History

Many dynasties used the teachings and moral values of Confucianism. Confucianism was the social philosophy of China from the Han Dynasty in 205 B.C until the end of the rule in 220 A.D. People in China have been guided by these principals for more than 2,000 years. But the teachings and moral values of Confucianism are still used today in many parts of China.

Confucianism Forever

You go to your room after dinner. You open up your journal and start writing about the future. Confucianism could change your life. But for the better? Maybe so.