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Grades, Grades, Grades

Grading is a tedious task. Do you want to cut grading time and personalize learning for students? There are many digital assessment tools that will engage students and provide you with meaningful data. Monitoring students mastery of standards will provide you with the data needed to make purposeful small groups and impact lesson design.

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Digital Assesment Tools

Personalize Learning with Canvas Mastery Paths

Canvas Mastery Paths allows you to create personalized learning experiences for students based on quiz data. Learn more about creating and organizing pathways at the following links:




Flippity.net is a site that houses numerous Chrome Web Apps that will turn any spreadsheet into an interactive assessment and/or learning tool. Flippity has many options to choose from including jeopardy, flashcards, and escape rooms.


Many of you already know and use this one! Kahoot is an interactive game based assessment tool. Now Kahoot allows multiple methods including a quiz, jumble, discussion, and survey. Kahoot also has live and on your own pace functions.



Similar to Kahoot, Quizizz is an interactive game based assessment. Quizizz allows teachers to leave customized feedback with each answer choice. You can also use live mode or homework mode within Quizizz.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a great vocabulary assessment tool! Students compete against the class to answer and organize vocabulary the fastest and most accurate.



http://spiral.ac allows for quick formative assessments within its free platform. Students respond to a question online and Spiral provides the teacher with a dashboard to view, organize, and facilitate learning based on responses.


Socrative is a digital assessment tool with both game based and individual assessments. With Socrative teachers can easily create TEKs based assessments while monitoring students progress from their user-friendly teacher dashboard.


Formerly Go Formative, Formative offers a range of assessment features for students and teachers. Use formative to analyze student data in real time.


Made by kids for kids! Gimkit is similar to Kahoot and Quizziz but made by students! Gimkit allows students to collect coins for correct answers allowing the winner to have the most "money" in their account.


Create interactive Flipboard quizzes for students in Flipquiz!


Plickers is a free printable cards based assessment activity. Print the cards for your classroom, ask a question and scan the room to collect data using a digital device.


Want to assess as students are watching a video? Edpuzzle allows you to shorten video segments from Youtube and other platforms and insert questions along the way. Next time you are showing a video monitor your students understanding with Edpuzzle.

Good ol' Google Forms

Google Forms quizzes provide quick data on students mastery. Forms can be set up as self-grading quizzes or personalized based on student answer choice. Create learning pathways for students based on their answer choice by sending them to a review video or an ability based question.


MATH and Science :: Equatio

Equatio allows you to insert mathematical equations into most Google Apps (Forms, Docs, Ect).