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Newest Recipes Ideas

Someone recently found out how to make the best cooked meat. You could either fry it or grill it. It's your choice. You could also add salt to preserve it but make sure you don't overdue it with the salt. :) mmm yummy! Have a lot of fun cooking meat.

*keep in mind these items may be raw.

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Today Ramses II (Ramses the Great) has outlived 12 of his successors. So far he has held the record for longest ruler of Egypt!!!! He keeps running out of successors to take the throne. (even though he has more than 100 children to come after and be King)
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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is almost complete. it will almost be complete in about 3-6 months. the statues at the front of the temple are almost complete. Ramses has told the workers that he wanted Nefretari to be added to the temple.

Do think that Ramses II is a living God?

- " I think that Ramses the Great is a living God because he has lived almost 90 years." - Sallylovesrams101

- "I don't think that Ramses II is a living god because he is not even in the royal family." - nigerl1234

- "Ramses is NOT a living god because he can only be half god." - migaley1260202


We are all wondering what the weather is going to be for this week:

Monday- Sunny with a chance of rain :0

Tuesday- partly cloudy :0

Wednesday- Rainy :(

Thursday- Rainy :(

Friday- Partly cloudy :0

Saturday- partly sunny :)

Sunday- Sunny ;)


Crime in the City

THERE HAS BEEN A SERIOUS CRIME!!! Someone by the name of Maherpa has broken into one of the pyramids in Giza!! They stole a coffin and jewels! We are still on our search for him, but we think he left Egypt.

-"We hope we still have time to find the coffin and return it to where it belongs."- Officer Mahu (Egyptian police)


We have just discovered a new thing called a horoscope. We have never seen anything like it before.

if you were born from March 21- April 19 you are a Aries

if you were born from April 20- May 20 you are a Taurus

if you were born from May 21- June 20 you are a Gemini

if you were born from June 21- July 22 you are a Cancer

if you were born from July 23- August 22 you are Leo

if you were born from August 23- September 22 you are a Virgo

if you were born from September 23- October 22 you are a Libra

if you were born from October 23- November 21 you are a Scorpio

if you were born from November 22- December 21 you are a Sagittarius

if you were born from December 22- January 19 you are a Capricorn

if you were born from January 20- February 18 you are a Aquarius

if you were born from February 19- March 20 you are a Pisces

Home and Decoration

We have just found out that there is such thing as a wallpaper! It is paper that goes on your walls to decorate your home and make it look nicer. It is very cheap and you can buy it at any local decor shop! They are so much fun to put on your walls in your house and when it is finished it looks amazing! You have to try this great new product!