5th Six weeks and STAAR/EOC Ready

Preparing for our EOC

What is the EOC?

Your Student is enrolled in a high school credit class. We take the End of Course Exams for Algebra 1. Which means our curriculum/test are aligned with high school. The STAAR and EOC are the same.


If I pass the test will I receive the credit?

A: For this course you will have to pass the course and the state assessment. For other consequences please see Mrs. Cordero in the front office.

What is the passing standard?

A: 70% but we are aiming for commended scores which are 90% and higher.

How can I prepare for my success?

A: Tutorials are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30 -4:30. IF you need another day just ask. I also offer lunch tutorials on Wednesdays, but you will need to ask for a pass.

Mrs. Jacobs has mentioned Saturday school, When is Saturday School?

A: I am going to give each period a last years assessment and we will determine who will need Saturday School. If you do awesome on the assessment, you are more than welcome to attend the Saturday School.

When is Saturday School?

A: April 23, 2016. Time a day will be updated soon

You will also receive a coupon page if you come. This coupon page will last for the rest of the school and can only be used in Mrs. Jacobs class.

5th six weeks Cirriculum

What's happening

5th 6 Weeks:

Week 1 (2/22 – 2/26)

Lesson 8.1 – Graphing f(x)=ax^2- A.6 A (R), A.7 A (R), A.7 C (R)

Lesson 8.2 - Graphing f(x)=ax^2 + c - A.7 A (R), A.7 C (R) and Campus Checkpoint #5

Lesson 8.3 - Graphing f(x)=ax^2 + bx +c - A.6 A (R), A.7 A (R)

Week 2 (2/29 – 3/4)

Lesson 8.4 – Graphing F(x)=a(x - h)^2 + k - GT/Pre-AP only – Example 1 - A.6 B (S), A.7 A (R), A.7 C (R)

Test #1

Lesson 8.5 – Using Intercept Form - GT/Pre-AP only – Example 8 and 9 - A.6 A (R), A.6 B (S), A. 6 C (S), A.7 A (R), A.7 B (S)

Week 3 (3/14 – 3/18)(Angry Birds Project)

Lesson 9.1 – Properties of Radicals (Square Roots only) - GT/Pre-AP only – Section 9.1 - Exs 3, 5, & 7 - A.2 C (R), A.6 C (S), A.9 C (R), A.11 A (S)

Lesson 9.2 – Solving Quadratics by Graphing - A.7 A (R), A.8 B (S)

Week 4 (3/21 – 3/25)

Test #2 - District Checkpoint #3

Lesson 9.3 – Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots - A.8 A (R)

Week 5 (3/28 – 4/1)

Skills Review: Solving Quadratics by Factoring

Linear, Quadratic, Exponential Functions Review

Lesson 9.4 – Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square - GT/PreAP – Exs: 4 and 5 - A.8 A (R)

Week 6(4/4 – 4/8

Lesson 9.5 – Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula - GT/Pre-AP only – Example 3 and 4 - A.8 A (R)

Lesson 9.2 – 9.5 – Choosing a Method to Solve Quadratic Equations

Week 7 – (4/11 – 4/15)

Cumulative Activity

6 Weeks Test and Campus Checkpoint #6