Abby's ARROWS Team Newsletter

March 2015

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Welcome to the Team!

Ashley Cook


Abby Taylor: $1044.50

Brooke Folden: $777.50

Penny Duley: $428.00

Way to go ladies!


Sara Wilson- February 3rd 2012

Hallie Martin- February 16th 2013

Marni Vonderheide- February 16th 2013

Katie Mosier- February 20th 2013

Adrienne Baelz- February 28th 2013

Rose Thomas- March 13th 2014

Remember to register for National Conference 2015 (held July 25th-27th) If you plan to attend. I can't wait to see you there!

Need some new theme ideas? Check out these great options for spring!

PRODUCT TESTER Idea to get products in the hands of your customers!

Another Director shared this idea and I LOVE how it gets our products out in the field and create potential customers, hostesses an recruits. An idea to keep you from having too much $ invested in this is to use products you have received through customer specials. Have fun and feel free to think beyond what I've posted and make it your own!

You can create an online survey/ Q&A to determine testers and this is what you'll send to everyone that you select to take part:

THANK YOU for being a Thirty-One product tester for me! I hope this is a fun experience for you. There were over 25 applications! I hope you will take the time to use the products and find functional and fun uses for them. I appreciate your honest feedback.


-Post on your personal FB profile.
This post should include a pic of the item you are testing. It should express excitement over being chosen as a product tester. And you should tag me in the post. (We need to be FB friend for you to be able to tag me)

-Use the product.

Please use the product as you normally would. You may find multiple uses for the item. Our items can help create solutions for you, for you home, and for your family.

-Take at least 3 pictures of the product in use.

Picture ideas: different uses for the product, product in use, product paired with another item, variety of angles of product, different locations of the product in use

The goal is to use the pictures to help provide a review of the product and it’s functionality. Be creative!

-Post a review in my customer group page.

Your review should include the 3 pictures of the item and your personal review. You get to be the voice of the item. Some questions to consider when writing your review. What solutions did the product create? How did the product help you organize yourself, your home, or your life? What is your personal opinion of the product? What do you think of the material and print? How would this item be beneficial to others? Who might benefit the most from this item?

{Your review should be at least one paragraph in length. No more than two paragraphs}

Return the product to me by: *DATE*

As a THANK YOU for your participation, you will receive a Gift Certificate in the mail upon completion. OR, if you would prefer to purchase the product you tested, you will receive a 31% discount. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Happy Testing!