warsaw ghetto

one of the biggest ghettos


There were 350,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. They only were allowed small portions of food. They had laws like no sitting on public benches and they had only a certain amount of money per family and per week. The Jews and some polish people rebelled against the Germans which led to the destruction of Warsaw.

life in warsaw

the Jews only got 180 grams of bread a day, 220 grams of sugar a month, and 1kg of jelly, and if kg of honey. The Germans did everything to seal off Warsaw and not let in a gram of food. A wall was put up not even a crack was shown but soon they had to make it even higher. But even with that wall the smuggling never stopped.

The rebellion

They transported 55,000 to 60,000 to a concentration camp and the rest got word of they were going to take the rest so they created a secret force of mostly young men that they called the Z.O.B { Jewish fighting organization}. When the Germans came back to transport the Jews launched a surprise attack making the Germans fall back. After the win they used the next couple of weeks to prepare. This time the Germans came back hard the battle lasted for weeks but in the end the Warsaw ghetto was destroyed and 300 Germans died and 7,000 Jews died but another 7,000 were sent to Treblinka. The battle inspired many Jews.

Mordecai Anelewciz

He was the leader of the Warsaw ghetto uprising and a member of hashomer hatzair organization. After the war broke out him and some of his youth buddies escaped to the east regions. After the Nazis started to take over the east region they captured him and through him in jail. After released he went to the Warsaw ghetto. When the major extermination started happening he was visiting south-west Poland and when he got back he found 60,000 out of 350,000 were missing and a Jews fighter organization had formed. He started to organize it and did so with great success because when the Germans came back they launched a surprise attack on them making them fall back but that wasn’t the last of it they got word of a second larger attack. So they started preparing and gathering weapons. Anelewciz died when the Germans took HQ he died at 23 years old 1920-1943

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