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By: Maggie and Brecken...Students Engaged

Sum-Dog Sum It Up!

The kids have been participating in a Sum-Dog contest (A popular math game). They can play against other schools. They play by themselves or as a whole class.

"Anybody Order The Gym With A Side Of Basketball and A Sprinkle Of Running?"

Artistic Beauties

We have been working on multiple projects in art class. We are doing free create projects- they wrapped them up and put them away for a bit, to work on the 'art of cursive' project.

Writing Workshop Writings of the Week

Great Projects are Coming to Life, Let's Take a Peek!!!!

Mass Media

Music Anyone? Here's a Peek into Class...

Dancing in the Times

IMG 0744
IMG 0745
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Groups share their Colonial Times Exit Cards

Gary Paulsen

The class has been studying Gary Paulsen by reading the book My Life In Dog Years.

ISTEP Treats

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After the Test...We built marshmallow towers out of toothpicks and mini-mallows

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