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Rebecca Stull

Self Reflective Letter

As a part of the Dual Credit College English course through North Central Missouri, I was required to reflect upon the accomplishments I have made through the semester. To do this, I wrote a self-reflective letter that covered what I learned, achieved, and hope to improve.

Pre-Write/Post-Write Essay

At the beginning of the class, I was required to write an essay that demonstrated my writing abilities at that point. Then, at the end of the semester, I revised the same paper with the knowledge that I gained throughout the course. The paper required that I wrote about a place that defined my life, so I wrote about the Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium and the experiences I have had there.

Narration Essay

For this essay, I thought of and expanded upon an event that changed my life; For me, this was when my brother, Joseph, was in a massive earthquake. I concluded by revealing the lessons that I learned through this time.
Narration Essay

"How Being a bit 'Shaken' up Changed my Life"

Editorial Essay

This essay required that I choose a strong and specific issue to debate. My editorial stated that a safe and monitored night club for teenagers should be added to Chillicothe. Following, I added support to back up my claim, and finally, included a call to action.
Editorial Essay Link

"Under 21 Night Club"

Summary/Response Essay

After reading an article, I was required to write an essay that summarized the main points. This essay showed my response towards the article. Although only one was necessary, I actually read and summarized two articles. The first was over the effect that Sesame Street has on children. The second was about one man's perception of how society recognizes beauty. The second was the article that I responded to by revealing my own views on the same topic.
Summary 1 Link

"Sesame Street: Educational Impact is Comparable to Preschool, Study Finds”

Summary 2 Link

"The Ugly About Beauty"

Summary/Response Essay

"Men Vs. Women: Beauty Edition"

Interview Essay

This assignment entailed incorporating information from at least one live interview. This could be under one overlying theme or concentrating on the interview itself. After participating in three interviews with unique pioneers, I decided to include all three interviews through the theme and cliche: follow your dreams.
Interview Essay Link

"Dreams are Worth Chasing"

Argumentative Essay

For this essay, I was required to argue one side of a controversial topic. The subject I chose to discuss was whether or not high school athletics are beneficial. Additionally, as with most argumentative essays, I had to identify the opposition and counter it. Finally, I clearly stated my claim that athletics are beneficial.
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Argumentative Essay Link

"Conditioning the Mind and the Body"

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