Daily Life of a Peasant

Life goes on.

A Life Full of Hardships

In the Elizabethan era, there was a social class in which peasants (or cottars) were at the very bottom. There wasn't much opportunity to go to school unless you had the money and time to spend on receiving an education. The people who could not afford it often worked in farms under a master who supervised them. Although there wasn't a Feudalism anymore, the peasants still worked under a ruler. They lived in houses that had a wooden frame and had a mixture of mud, straw,and manure.

Family Life

Peasant households needed about 25 acres to support a single family. The oldest child was typically favored, and young children were not given the supervision they needed, resulting in early deaths and tragedies. Women typically gave birth to 8-10 children, but had 6 in the house at most. This was due to the high infant mortality rates and the fact that by the age of 15 most children had left the house for work.

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