Manuel Noriega (Panama)

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Background Information

  • Born in Panama City (February 11, 1934) [Age:79]
  • Received much of his education at the Military School of Chorrillos in Lima, Peru
  • Prisoner sentence ended in September 2007
  • At age 5 he was given up for adoption to a school teacher
  • He wanted to be a doctor but his parents couldn't afford it
  • Graduated 1962 witha degree in engineering.
  • Felicidad Sieiro de Noriega is his spouse and they have 3 children who are Thays Noriega, Sandra Noriega, and Lorena Noriega.


  • He's a carrer solider
  • A former Panamanian politician and soldier
  • He was military and governor of Panama from 1983-1989.
  • In the 1989 invasion of Panama by the U.S. he was removed from power, captured, detained as a prisoner of war
  • He was commissioned in the Panama National Guard in 1967 and promoted to lieutenant colonel and was appointed chief of military intellegence

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Essential Question(s)

  1. Where is Manuel Noriega?
  2. Has Manuel Noriega made a more positive or negative impact on Latin America?