The diary of Anne frank



The theme we must always have hope- is shown throughout the diary of Anne frank. The hope was last when the franks are taken to the concentration camps because anyone that goes there rarely comes out alive. Anne lost her hope when she had her nightmares because she always dreamed of the nazis taking her and this aggravated mr.Dussle because he doesn't want to be cought and they get worse and worse every night(397). They lost hope when the nazis came to the door of the annex and told them aufmachen! Da drinnen! Aufmachen! schnell! Schnell! Schnell! In English it means open up you in there open up quickly quickly quickly(433). All hope could've been safe if they had not been caught by the nazis or even if the robber hadn't went there because the robber tipped the police to get the Jews(408 and 433). This shows that Anne and her family had hope that they would make it out alive until the Nazis came and took them. These ar example of how you must always have faith.


The theme we must show courage when faced with obstacles -The Frank's had courage when they went into hiding. In her diary she writes “it's the silence in the night that frightens me the most” (381). This shows courage because Anne continues on. Another example of borage is when Meip and mr. Kraler helping the families in the annex. Anne writes,” if the nazis found out they were hiding us the would suffer the same fate that we would” (381). Mr. Kraler and meip how courage because they do not have to help and be in harms way, but they did because it was they right thing to do. The final example of courage in the diary of Anne Frank is when they are found by the green police. The play reads, “she is no longer a child but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead” (433). This shows that Anne has courage to face what comes next. These are examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.


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