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Wednesday, February 25, 2050

Interview with the Bio-Gel Miracle: Jenna Fox

Jenna Fox, one of the key figures fighting the FSEB for looser laws concerning life-saving procedures, was interviewed by our reporters. In this exclusive release, Jenna Fox's story is revealed.

Reporter: When you first awoke after the accident, what did you remember? How did you feel? Did anything seem wrong?

Jenna: I had no memories. Simple words that many toddlers used were simply not in my vocabulary. I didn't even remember Mom, Dad, and Lily. Nothing felt wrong because I didn't remember what right felt like. I was just... blank.

Reporter: When did your memories start coming back? How did you recall them?

Jenna: I would need something to remind me. Little memories would come back, Just little one's here or their. Sometimes things I wasn't even supposed to remember. They were all just fragments of the old Jenna.

Reporter: What was life like after you woke up?

Jenna: I spent most of my time watching home videos of myself to help myself remember. I couldn't taste or have real food because I had a very simple digestion system. I couldn't walk right either. I felt incomplete.

Reporter: So, you went to a charter school. How was it like there?

Jenna: At first I felt a little out of place. But the people were nice. I liked Ethan, and Allys. But there was also Dane. He was not nice.

Reporter: How did you figure out that your body had been altered?

Jenna: I always knew something was wrong. On that day, while I was investigating a suspicious locked closet, I cut myself. It was deep. But I didn't bleed, and it didn't hurt. That's when I confronted my mom.

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Reporter: What exactly had been done to your body?

Jenna: In the accident, my body was so damaged that I shouldn't have survived. at least if the point system was followed. Only 10% of my brain was saved. My dad, the owner of Fox BioSystems, illegally made me a new BioGel body.

Reporter: How did you feel about being saved in such a manner?

Jenna: I wished that my parents would have just let me die. I was confused as to what I was. I didn't know if I was even human. I didn't know if I had a soul.

Reporter: What do you remember about Kara and Locke?

Jenna: They were my friends. Best friends. But for some stupid party we broke the rules. I may not have been driving, but I killed them. I wish I hadn't agreed.

Reporter: Who knew your secret? Why did they know?

Jenna: Mom, Dad, Lily, Mr.Bender, Ethan, Allys and her parents, and a select few at Fox BioSystems knew. Mom, Dad, Lily, Mr.Bender and those at FoxBioSystems knew becuase they saved me. Ethan knew becuase I told him. Allys figured it out on her own and told her parents.

Reporter: What did Allys do?

Jenna: Allys wasn't very happy. She believed that the FSEB was right and that I was illegal. But then she got sick really sick. All her organs started failing. There were not enough points to cover all those organs.

Reporter: How was Allys saved?

Jenna: Her parents begged mine to save her as I was saved. They were sympathetic, so they agreed. About 20% of Allys was saved.

Reporter: What are your plans for the future?

Jenna: I'm going to make this place a world where people like me are accepted. I want to make this a world where it doesn't matter how much of you is artificial.
And of course, Allys is going to help too.

Breaking News: FSEB Reacts to Fox BioSystems

Yesterday, the FSEB came to a decision concerning the Fox Conspiracy. After a vote, the decision was to allow Jenna Fox to live peacefully. However, Mathew Fox and the other conspirators have been heavily fined, and Fox BioSystems is to be shut down. The fines on Mathew Fox are so great, that even with his fortune, he may go bankrupt.

On top of that, Bio-Gel is to be supplied only by the FSEB, and its possession illegal unless the FSEB says otherwise. The FSEB intends to make Bio-Gel extremely controlled, as to prevent other victims like Jenna Fox.

Also, the standards for humans have been changed. To be human, one must have at least 90% of the brain they were born with, and behave like a human. So brain transplants have all but been made illegal, although you can still have other parts with the point system.

The consequences for breaking the newly enstated laws are heavy fines, and if the victim agreed to the procedure, they are given a death sentence.


Dane (2031-2050)

At age 19, Dane passed away because of an unknown disease. According to Dane's family, they had always known of the unknown disease that had lain dormant in Dane for years. Dane and his family had prayed that it stay dormant forever, knowing that when it became active Dane would die.

According to some of Dane's past classmates, as a child he had many friends. He was always the center of attention, and laughed often. But everything changed when he overheard his parents talking of the disease in his body. He was shocked to hear at any given moment, it could awake and take his life.

Dane tried to act as of nothing had changed, but the stress slowly built up. One day a classmate commented about how she wasn't afraid to die.Then Dane snapped. The girl was brought to tears, and the teachers accused Dane of violence. He was expelled, and sent to a new school.

According to Dane's parents, ever since that day he started pushing people away. He would act rude, and encourage everyone to leave him alone. They say something broke inside of him.

Then, 3 years later the disease quickly took his life.

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