River Ridge Elementary Library

End of Year Report, 2016-2017


This year, the River Ridge Elementary Library served a total of 738 student patrons, 86 faculty and staff, 82 parents, and 25 community members.

Our library curriculum continues to be an invaluable resource in planning our activities and lessons. Our four areas of focus are literature appreciation, digital citizenship, inquiry and research, and setting up systems that enhanced innovative teaching and learning processes. I am proud to say that I have been part of our curriculum committee from the beginning and we are heading into Year 4 going strong!

I will say that an integral piece of the library puzzle was put into place this year. I implemented (with student input) a social contract for behavior for the first time. I cannot even tell you the difference I noticed in the library environment-kids and librarians were happier and more fully engaged when we collaboratively set our rules and expectations!


For the 2016-2017 school year, the River Ridge library received a total of $6765. In addition to the allocated budget, the River Ridge library received and collected $1800 from PTA for a Junior Library Guild subscription.

We received additional funding from book fair profit (~$600 worth of books) and donations honoring our literacy partners. We also received a PTA grant in order to purchase science books for the library in order to support one of our identified campus goals.

My actual budget dollars were spent on purchases of new books, databases, and library supplies. Next year, I plan to utilize grant applications more effectively and keep a better eye on the deadlines. I have several areas already earmarked for requests from PTA and the Viper Nation Foundation, including a revitalization of our nonfiction section and adding more Makerspace materials.

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There are a total of 14,308 items in the River Ridge library collection. In the 2016-17 school year, 479 library materials were weeded and discarded due to age or physical damage. A total of 421 materials were added to the collection and 43 items were lost. A breakdown of the library collection is below:

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In the 2016-17 school year, the library was again included in the specials rotation; we saw every student in the school once every six days for 45-50 minutes, utilizing the curriculum documents as appropriate for lessons and activities. There was also a daily average of 10 independent visits during the school day. Our circulation at certain grade levels continues to drop, as teachers are no longer in the library with their students to ensure they are checking out books that are appropriate for them, or even checking out at all. Our 5th grade students in particular seem to no longer be interested in checking out books unless their teacher specifically requires them to get something for a project or testing. We circulated an average of 47 books per student this school year. The circulation breakdown is as follows:
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The River Ridge Library annually purchases a variety of library databases to support curriculum and research needs of students and teachers. LibGuides is also purchased to curate library materials, classroom lesson content, and information for students. We also have a subscription to NoodleTools, an online research and citation tool. We purchased a variety of eBooks (I need to find a better way to market them) and we do promote the use of Overdrive to our patrons. Below is a breakdown of what is purchased in each area and student/teacher usage information:

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I am slowly trying to figure out how to add activities back in that we have had in the past. Being in the specials rotation limits opportunities at times. This year, we were able to offer:

  • Bookmark Contest, October 2016
  • Schoolwide Presidential Election support, November 2016
  • Fall Book Fair, November 2016 and Spring Book Fair, April 2017 (PTA-run)
  • Battle of the Bluebonnets, February 2017

  • March Book Madness, March 2017

  • 4th Grade Fish in a Tree Book Club, March-May 2017

  • Collected for Summer Reading 4 All, April 2017


This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) conference in Austin (February 2017) and TLA (Texas Library Association) conference in San Antonio (April 2017).

  • At TCEA, there are sessions that specifically focus on how to integrate technology into the library environment. Hands down the best session I attended was with Shannon Miller called Digital Tools that Inspire Storytelling and Creativity. I was really excited that I was able to come back to campus and immediately implement a few of the tools she showed AND present my learning to other people who were interested!

  • At TLA, the best thing I did was Tech Camp on my first day there, particularly the two sessions I attended with Amy Mayer of friED Technology. I have so many Google extensions I use now, as well as an EASY way to create screencasts! I also attended sessions on Google Expeditions, building future ready librarians, and how to effectively engage student voice in library planning.

I continued to use Twitter as an invaluable professional development resource and found new people to follow at both conferences-Sherry Gick, Nikki Robertson, Carolyn Foote, and the founder of Code.org, Hadi Partovi, who was our keynote speaker at TLA Tech Camp!

Professional readings included Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K-6 Classroom by Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke and Youth Makerspace Playbook by Maker Ed. I also renewed my subscription to School Library Journal.


1. To promote better usage of our electronic resources (databases, eBooks, Overdrive, etc.).

2. To collaborate with our instructional coach on a regular basis-I think she and I could do amazing things together!

3. To improve communication and public relations-a weekly newsletter to staff and possibly reviving our library Facebook page.

Get to know us-every day, we are learning new things and putting thought into action!

Karen Cunningham, Librarian

Sharon Gammie, Library Assistant