Kim's Exploration of Media Literacy

What Does Media Literacy Mean to Me?

This is a 250-Word Sample Paragraph.

Why a Dog?

North American pets are the most pampered in the world. The dog is the most popular of all pets. People own dogs for three main reasons: companionship, security, and friendship. (30 words)

Dogs are good companions for people. For example, older people often keep a small dog when children have moved away. They will talk to the dog and the dog will always listen. When the older person comes home, the dog wags its tail and is glad to see them. Dogs are great companions. (53 words)

Dogs are not only good companions, but they also provide security. Often, a dog will smell someone near a house and begin to bark. It is especially important when a person is away at work or shopping. If someone comes in, the dog will surely bite him. Security is an important reason for people to own a dog. (58 words)

Security may be important, but meeting people is a significant result of dog ownership. While walking, dogs love to sniff each other and make acquaintance. While they do, the owners can strike up a conversation, too. Dog parks provide owners with a place to have conversation while the dogs play together. If you are lonely in the city, perhaps a dog can help you with meeting new friends. (68 words)

Companionship, security and friendship are three main reasons for people to own a dog. Be sure, however, before you make the big step of owning one because dogs may live as long as 16 years. (35 words)