Combined Charities 2015

Get ready to give. Combined Charities Begins October 1st!

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Why give this year?

Because it makes you feel good and helps organizations that you really care about!

Heart of the City Combined Charities is a great and efficient way to give to charities because it reduces overhead costs when they combine their efforts into a Federation and it is also easy for you since the dollars come straight from your paycheck. Give to a Federation or a Local Independent Charity-it's up to you. (Alternatively, you can donate to the Donor Choice option which requires a FEIN Tax ID numbers for any non-profits that are not members of any of the Federations).

Every employee will receive a “brochure” and a three-part “pledge form”. These are the primary tools. The team leaders will these materials directly to the employees in their departments, or to their Department Captains to assist them with distribution.

Check out the FAQs here.

Some exciting dates and changes are happening to this year’s Campaign!

Important Dates

  • Campaign Begins October 1st
  • Last Day to turn in forms for Coffee Card Drawing October 8th - due to Patrick at 9 am
  • Coffee Card Drawing October 15 10:45 am
  • Last Day to turn in forms for Early Bird Drawing October 20th - due to Patrick at 9 am
  • Early Bird Drawing October 22nd 12 pm
  • Last Day to turn in forms for Mid-Campaign Drawing October 27th - due to Patrick at 9 am
  • Mid-Campaign Drawing October 29th 10:45 am
  • Last Day to Submit Contest Artwork October 29th 4pm
  • Campaign Officially Ends October 30th
  • Last Day to Submit Pledge Forms November 10th 12 pm
  • Final Drawing November 12th 10:45 am

More dates found here:

New changes includes an Art Contest- yes you can design the next poster (open to all CCSF employees). Would you believe that the Combined Charities Campaign will be turning 30 next year? That’s right 30 - and we want to celebrate that accomplishment in a big way and are already planning by soliciting the artwork now. Please encourage your Dept’s resident artists to submit entries. There are prizes!!!

Drawings for Prizes

Q: How do I qualify to be in the drawings?

A: Give a minimum one-time donation of $25, or the minimum payroll deduction of $1 per pay period which totals out to be $26 for one year. If donating through payroll deduction, you will receive one drawing ticket for every $26 of your donation; i.e. $520 = 20 drawing tickets. ($520 divided by $26 = 20). If you choose not to donate, complete the “Request for a Drawing Ticket” form in the back of this manual and turn it in to your Campaign Coordinator or Captain. In return of this form, you will receive one drawing ticket.

Q: What do I do with the drawing tickets after I receive them?

A: On the back of each ticket, you will list three lines in this sequence: 1) Name, 2, DEM 77, and 3) your work phone numbers. You are going to turn in the entire ticket. Tickets without this information written on them when they are submitted will not be eligible for drawing. After you have completed this information, return the tickets to your Campaign Captain so they can turn them in with your pledge form.

Q: How do I win and how do I know I won?

A: Each completed ticket is eligible to win. The more eligible tickets you submit on time, the more chances you have to win a prize. However, each employee may only receive one prize per drawing. If Jane’s name is drawn more than once in the same drawing, Jane will receive the prize announced for her first win. If Jane’s name is drawn again in that same drawing, it will be set aside and another ticket drawn. If, however, Jane’s name is drawn in two separate drawings, then two (2) prizes will be awarded to Jane. Prize winners will be called at the phone number they provide on the ticket to receive delivery instructions. All prizes and prize winners are also posted on the campaign website. Any person who wins a drawing prize valued in excess of $420 should immediately consult Airport or the Ethics Commission for further instructions.

Q: Where do the prizes come from?

A: All prizes are generously donated by the federations, businesses and individuals in the community, as well as by San Francisco City & Count departments. Each year the prizes differ


Team Captains: Please return all your division's forms to Patrick Monette Shaw at 1011 Turk Street before 9:00 am on the day they are due for the drawings.

Patrick will arrange for all the forms to be delivered to City Hall.

Everyone: make sure your forms are filled out correctly with the DSW# and signature required for payroll. Team Captains will not accept them if they do not include this information.

DEM Coordinator: Megan Stephenson

DES Team Captain: Nubia Mendoza

UASI Team Captain: Mason Feldman

Admin/IT/Finance Captain: Patrick Monette Shaw

DEC Team Captains:

Mids – Janice Baldocchi

Days – Will Silas

Swings – Judith Hogan

Admin – Lorrie Serna