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December 2019

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Thank you, Bridget Heos!

Friday, November 8, was a special day at Wanamaker Elementary. We had been looking forward to it for a long time. Bridget Heos, an author from Kansas City, spent the day with us and presented to all students. Bridget is the author of more than 120 children's books, including the children's choice award-winning MUSTACHE BABY series, STEGOTHESAURUS, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE LAMB, and many nonfiction books.

Bridget's age-appropriate presentations included details regarding her personal writing/publishing journey as well as practical, valuable research and writing advice-- details that could be applied to the students' own reading and writing.

Ms. Heos stressed the importance of persistence and hard work. She received many "NO THANK YOU'S" from publishers before her dream of publishing a book came true. Hopefully, those words will be a reminder to the students to never give up on their dreams, especially when things get difficult and require patience.

After spending several weeks preparing for the visit in their library classes, students were excited to get to meet Bridget in person. When the day finally arrived, Makenzie (Kindergarten) told her teacher, "I can't believe we are going to meet a REAL author today!"

The older students valued the research tips that Ms. Heos shared with them. Savanah (6th grade) said, "I liked how she told us about her research for her non-fiction books, especially the research she did for Blood, Bullets, and Bones and the topic of forensic science. She stressed the importance of using reliable sources and fact-checking your research."

One student's name was drawn from each class and that student received an invitation to participate in an Author-Student lunch the day of the visit. Bridget spent time visiting with the students while they enjoyed a pizza, veggies, and cake lunch. The cake, featuring edible Mustache Baby frosting, was a big hit with Ms. Heos and the students!

Following the author visit, pictures of the day's activities were displayed on a hallway bulletin board for the school community to enjoy.

A big thank you to our faculty and staff for their flexibility and help to make this day a wonderful literary experience for our students. A special thank you to the Wanamaker PTA for their support and partial funding of the author visit. We really appreciated it!

Our Day in Pictures

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Lunch and Listen

November is National Picture Book Month, so to celebrate the awesomeness of picture books, Lunch and Listens were held in the library during during the 3rd -6th grade lunch periods one day this month. Interested students were invited to bring their lunches to the library and listen to picture book read-alouds while they ate. Mrs. Reinert read to a full house each lunch period, and the students enjoyed the change of pace. It's not every day one gets to eat in the library!

All types of picture books can be used to engage students with the joy of reading. Picture books are also great resources for exploring visual and written language, imagination, values, and themes. The best way to enjoy a picture book is with someone else-- give it a try with your child, and be ready for a fun bonding experience!

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Who wants to play a game?

The holiday season generally brings family gatherings with it. If your crew is looking for a fun game to play, give Kahoot! a try. It is a free game-based platform that can be played on any device that has an internet connection. For players, there is no account or login required to join a game. When you play Kahoot! in a group setting, questions appear on a shared screen and players answer on their devices. Besides creating your own kahoots, you can search among millions of existing games. You can find Holiday Trivia games as well as games on just about any other topic. Give it a try, and have a great time at your next family gathering!

Thank you for your support of the Spirit Stick fundraiser! The proceeds benefitted the district's visiting author fund.

Upcoming Dates

Dec.4-- Student Council goes holiday caroling at Wesparke Village. Students make ornaments to give to the residents.

Dec. 13--Student Council meeting in the library at 8:00 a.m.

Dec. 16-19--Student Council sells Holiday Grams in the library. Forms will be sent home with students. Proceeds from this fundraiser is used for StuCo's Holiday Service Project.

Week of Dec. 16--Guidance and library classes combine to bring Guibrary to all WE students.

Dec. 20--Holiday Assembly. Student Council and the different grade levels present their donations to the organizations of their choice.

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