Mustang Island State Park

Jade B, Radhika P, Tiara M, Inala G

Bottlenose Dolphin

Genus: Tursiops

species: bottlenose dolphin

The Nitrogen Cycle is being affected.

Activity affecting the cycle

The emissions of large quantities of NOx gases to the atmosphere by automobiles, power plants, home furnaces.

How can we prevent / fix the problem?

The NOx gases are affecting oxidative reactions by which toxic ozone is formed, this causes acid rain to form. The precipitation of acid rain can cause the deaths of many marine animals, including the bottlenose dolphin. The deaths can be prevented or fixed by stopping acid rain from forming by decreasing the levels of nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere and setting caps on the total NOx emissions allowed at a power plant. The nitrogen oxides can be removed for car exhausts using catalytic converters, thus could help reduce the amount of NOx gases in the atmosphere. The most effective way to control NOx levels is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and use hydropower, nuclear, wind and solar power.


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