Mobile Apps

5 mLearning Tools


A desktop and mobile app that can be downloaded for free where students can create mobile flash cards, study guides and quizzes. By being engaging it helps encourage students to study and review material in a way that they can understand it themselves. For example, for science class in a grade 4 setting, students can create flash cards with this app to help themselves understand complex vocabulary for their upcoming unit test.

Layar Creator

Enhance flyers, postcards, packaging, basically anything with interactive content, which includes video messages, web and social links, photo slideshows, music clips, etc. For example, when learning about bridges and how to create bridges, students can use this tool to create and enhance a flyer.


A tool where you can create your own app. For example, when learning about a certain topic in math, students, as a learning exercise or a studying exercise can create their own app for the topic.


A blogging forum where you can create your own website that is formatted to fit the screens of mobile devices. For example, when going through a specific novel, students can blog about it on their WordPress website to show their level of understanding about different themes that were learned through the novel.


Even this website can be used to create flyers like this one and is formatted to fit mobile device screens. For example, when going through a scientific study, this tool can be used to express a student's level of understanding on the study topic at hand.