Lakeshroe Productions Film

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Reality Show Documentary by Lakeshore Creative and development partners, producers, and editors: Lakeshore Productions With Mark Fazio, Luana Figueroa, Don McNeil and Ian Hollinhead. Stationed in Chicago Illinois, Beverly Hills California, and now Las Vegas Nevada.
This video contains animations that include the lakeshore productions red planet logo. The logos text spins around the planet in a galaxy of outer space. The following animation contains a commercial intro produced for the UFC featuring Brandon Bender from the UFC Gym doing a mixed martial arts cage fight in a ring. In the animation he is boxing and throwing punches. The following animation contains healthy eating styles of fruits and vegetables in a haunted Halloween horror grave yard. GMO free Plums, Pears, apples, oranges, vegetables, fruits that would be a wonderful dessert substitute. The following animation is of a 2-d illustrator style that illustrates the security process of a bitcoin exchange. Next the red animation footage displays Hackers and Animators working on an anonymous hack into a computer main frame. Following that a very Lovable loving green dinosaur breaths and blows fire onto city buildings and destroys everything. The City Explodes. Suddenly a castle on a snowy mountain reveals a princess trapped inside. After that fighter pilots in fighter jets from world war 2 get into a dog fight gun battle in the air. Then the camera switches to the main character in minecraft fighting off a zombie invasion in a church. The zombies were trying to eat the minecraft mans brains. He uses a pick axe to cut them in half and the scene gets extremely bloody. Ian Hollinhead then strikes a sword into a Halloween skull mountain in front of creepy mountains on a full moon. But it was no match for the boy who swung his wooden sword at the basketballs when he was playing in his imagination. Once the lego men found out they broke the lego characters out of jail and rode on a lego block car to collide head on with another lego blocks firetruck that was on the road. There is going to be legos everywhere for sure. The casino is throwing its dice and showing the dirty gambling secrets of how to win a big jackpot when you are at a las vegas casino. This method also works at Indian reservations. Thats why the indians use a scanner in the next animation to scan completely through the mans trench coat. the cat scan went so deep at the airport terminal that the tsa workers were able to see the mans bones. Once the man was settled in he immediately took a shower. The guy that was standing out in the street threw his big medication drug pill into the air and it landed on his head and crushed him. He was so stunned he was seeing geometric pattern design animations flash into his mind after that.
Animation Demo Lakeshroe Productions